George Floyd's brother makes emotional plea to lawmakers

"He didn't deserve to die over $20." In an emotional testimony, George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, implored lawmakers to take action against police brutality and racial profiling.

06/10/2020 5:53 PM


  • Nathan M.
    3 hours

    Quit crying about a junkie.

  • Robert H.
    3 hours

    Is he talking about the criminal that held a gun to the pregnant woman or the drug abuser robbing everyone else...I havent heard a good word about him ....all has been I dont believe he deserved to die.....but theres always consequences to your actions....sad to say but in this incident him fighting police created that outcome

  • Joey E.
    3 hours

    Drugs killed him

  • Bill B.
    4 hours

    This guy is singing for his supper!

  • Carlo L.
    5 hours

    He was a career Criminal. Did you talk about how he kidnapped a pregnant woman and held a gun to her stomach... that must have slipped your mind

  • Rex K.
    5 hours

    Counterfeit money is a crime no matter how much so don't break law enough said

  • Joseph T.
    7 hours

    Ok you guys thats not what he was AXIN you

  • Wayne M.
    8 hours

    He O.D. yes it sad . Just not police fault. Been better if he got rehab.

  • David L.
    9 hours

    Yes his life was precious. The missing link is Jesus, but many don't want to hear that!

  • Jeff F.
    10 hours

    No he shouldn't and he didn't deserve to die but in that same aspect you live by the sword you die by the sword

  • Jeffrey R.
    14 hours

    Floyd died of too much fentanyl, same thing that killed Tom Petty and Prince. Now , his bad decisions will not only be paid with his life but those police officers involved will pay a price too. I blame all this BS on mainstream media for airing an incomplete story of the incident. Funny, recently 2 police shootings in my area. Same scenario both men were shot for resisting arrest and posing a danger to the police. This did not draw national attention. You know why? The individuals who were shot were white. Mainstream media only airs what will get a response and when a white criminal gets hurt or dies resisting arrest, the white populace believe he brought that on himself and nobody cares. On the other hand, a large black populace in this country takes it personal when the same thing happens to one of their own and mainstream media banks on a reaction from that populace. Either way none of this would happen if all these people (black and white) stop thinking thinking they are above the law and causing the police to use force. To me with all the the problems this country has, this issue does not merit the division and hatred it has created

  • Rex S.
    14 hours

    2 things. Number 1 he was saying he couldn't breath while he was standing up not cooperating when they tried to get him to just get in the car. Number 2. The officer knee was on the back of his neck, not his throat and didn't have all his weight on him.

  • Christopher S.
    15 hours

    He didnt die because of the police , he died because of the fentanyl in his system STOP DOING DRUGS AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

  • Bobby A.
    15 hours

    You're right enough is enough stop fighting the police period.

  • Timothy E.
    16 hours

    He didn't die over 20.00. He died because he was a drug addict and refused to comply with the police.

  • Kathleen O.
    16 hours

    I don’t care what he did it doesn’t justify being executed

  • Deno W.
    16 hours

    Well then, he shouldn't have resisted arrest all doped up resulting in a heart attack I guess.

  • Brandon K.
    17 hours

    He killed his self.

  • Pete S.
    18 hours

    You should have helped your brother get off drugs!

  • Jason N.
    a day

    I'm axin u..

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