Geraldo Rivera Draws The Line at Tear Gassing Migrant Children

Tear gassing migrant children - that's where conservative pundit Geraldo Rivera drew the line.

11/28/2018 8:01 PM
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  • Pat B.
    11/28/2018 21:04

    But putting them in concentration camps is okay? #Goblin

  • Ricky S.
    11/28/2018 21:08

    hell you are rich you house a few of them

  • Lilliam P.
    11/28/2018 21:37

    Geraldo you are idiot ! You don't wanted to admited that the caravan people truerocks,breaking up the fence you are in your five sense or you dont se the other face of the reality,dorn b ya the tear gas at inocent people Jesus its sad that people like you that destroy this country stupid you should bring them w/ you idiot

  • Lilliam P.
    11/28/2018 21:40

    This idiot hush your stupid mouth your nothing but lasy moron

  • Christopher A.
    11/28/2018 22:01

    Don’t show up at our border demanding admittance or trying to illegally enter, and you won’t be tear gassed. Stupid people. Cause and effect.

  • Hal F.
    11/28/2018 22:03

    To little to late, Geraldo has sold his soul and reputation.

  • Mary O.
    11/28/2018 22:09

    Geraldo,now you understand!!! Pls continue to speak truth to your colleagues on Fox. Inflaming rhetoric will not solve anything...what would our good and compassionate God have us do??? Pls reflect on this and speak healing words........

  • Stella L.
    11/28/2018 22:15

    You are such an idiot. The people pushed those kids in front of them. The real media won’t talk about that. Read your facts first

  • Tom K.
    11/28/2018 22:18

    Would he defend them if they weren’t Latino I wonder. I support his sentiment of course, but don’t trust conservatives period.

  • Betty S.
    11/28/2018 22:21

    Now you want to talk !

  • Andrew C.
    11/28/2018 22:34

    Geraldo doesn't care. he's just baiting viewers to stay tuned in. let's not forget about all of ice prisoners and their caged children.

  • Barry P.
    11/28/2018 22:47

    Just shut the hell up.

  • Nicholas G.
    11/28/2018 22:48

    "not trying to invade" that explains why they are trying to enter illegally. "they are desperate" that explains why they didn't take the aid that mexico offered. "we have to be humain and compassionate" that's because no one is crossing the border to take your job, it's the lower class that will suffer, wages will drop and citizens will loose out to illegal immigrants, wheres you compassion for them.

  • Darcy B.
    11/28/2018 23:14

    The man cant be right all the time,cut him some slack.

  • Jes C.
    11/28/2018 23:15

    He needs another chair to the face

  • Paul R.
    11/28/2018 23:31

    They walk 2000 miles in 30 day 🤔

  • Jay D.
    11/28/2018 23:35

    Maybe they shouldn't have started throwing rocks at Border Patrol?

  • Jay D.
    11/28/2018 23:39

    Yeah F.Y.I don't show up at Border waving your 🇭🇳 Honduran flag either if you wanna get in. Show some respect

  • Patricia M.
    11/29/2018 00:10

    So Gerry Rivers (that was who he was until it became advantageous to be Hispanic) speaks out when it is advantageous to him.

  • Joy M.
    11/29/2018 00:13

    Didn’t seem to care what Obama did it or killed full families with drones....