Glyphosate, Controversial Ingredient

It's the key ingredient in a weed killing spray — and also present in breakfast foods, drinks, and even feminine hygiene products. Get to know glyphosate.

09/14/2018 7:01 PM


  • Jason C.
    09/16/2019 06:05

    The WHO absolutely does not say it causes cancer, and advocating the words of Zen Honeycutt shows this for this terrible effort at journalism it is. Appalling misinformation.

  • Gertraud B.
    09/16/2019 02:44

    What a load of bullsh*t! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Tim L.
    09/14/2019 01:43

    FDA got paid off!!!!!

  • Tim L.
    09/13/2019 23:41

    You better off eating organic. FDA wants to poison you all for profit.

  • Simone R.
    09/13/2019 09:02

    It's the dose that makes the poison: we are surrounded by "toxic" elements, every day, everywhere. What really matters is: are they in quantities high enough to harm? If not, they are not dangerous. By the way: the alcohol we drink in wine and beer is thousands times more dangerous than the microscopic traces of glyphosate found in food.

  • Owen O.
    09/12/2019 17:17

    Toxic is toxic, people need to be told in more than a microscopic label!!

  • Ryan S.
    09/12/2019 16:06

    get you tin foil hat out mate

  • Abusaki-Nabi O.
    09/12/2019 16:04

    Very insightful

  • Sunshine G.
    02/04/2019 08:41

    Important for all to view. Sharing. Thank you!!

  • Jose A.
    09/30/2018 13:44

    Next time, dont eat ever

  • Raeon C.
    09/29/2018 12:25

    Air is poison, water is poison, food is poison... WHAT'S THE POINT IN LIVING EH?

  • Haydee L.
    09/28/2018 19:21


  • Kashaf G.
    09/28/2018 15:13

    ya to har cheez mai hormones hain ya pesticide ya koi na koi chemical. We should just learn how to photosynthesize

  • Kattia N.
    09/27/2018 23:42

    🤔now we know how the goverment is killing us, thanks

  • Maria T.
    09/27/2018 19:41

    Do Cissimo...

  • レフマン ソ.
    09/27/2018 16:30

    It's wrong

  • Margaret S.
    09/27/2018 15:01

    Thid is the start og thr gluten intolerance never existed before the 70s its all beginning to make sense

  • Margaret S.
    09/27/2018 15:00

    Its poison

  • Hamid O.
    09/27/2018 09:43

    Le glyphosate le pesticide tueur d etres humains

  • Hala S.
    09/27/2018 02:55


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