• Brandy S.
    08/19/2017 00:30

    Um George Washington had slaves just a heads up but ok

  • Jenelle A.
    08/18/2017 15:50

    Didn't Thomas Jefferson and George Washington own slaves? Other than that I agree. Those "Nazi's" are idiots. And they will not succeed.

  • Patricia B.
    08/17/2017 22:39

    Little late posting this

  • Aimee S.
    08/17/2017 17:27

    This man would be a better President. Pow at the end. He speaks the truth.

  • Laura D.
    08/17/2017 04:45

    I love this guy

  • Bertrand F.
    08/16/2017 22:04

    Wow! Great Job...

  • Reyna M.
    08/16/2017 08:31

    I'm scare what can this country will do , we immigrants tuning away from our country bc thing like this happens in our countries and this one is turning the same , OMG all this nonces , what we teaching our children's , to be scare , hate , racist too crazy 😠

  • Shazia S.
    08/16/2017 06:47

    Ashneil Raman

  • Jesse N.
    08/16/2017 03:23

    Good man

  • Xellos M.
    08/16/2017 02:05

    he is talking to a mirror.

  • Jackie F.
    08/15/2017 23:40

    Expel Them From This Country!!!

  • Alyce M.
    08/15/2017 21:11

    Did he just say Thomas Jefferson and George Washington should be a white supremacist's example of what a patriot should be ????! IM SHOOK.

  • Cathy C.
    08/15/2017 20:56

    Ok fat ass thomas custer

  • Grant H.
    08/15/2017 18:58

    Pretty amazing especially compared to the half hearted bullshit our president had to say!!

  • Patsy P.
    08/15/2017 17:23

    He speaks for all us that love is great country.

  • Gloria K.
    08/15/2017 15:39

    David Mutombo 🙏🏾

  • Mike R.
    08/15/2017 15:35

    Oh, and yes, I HAVE confronted them from time to time!

  • Mike R.
    08/15/2017 15:34

    Didja ever notice, these haters & pseudo nazis are brave in groups but magically lose their stones when confronted alone? Yeah, they're COWARDS, not patriots.

  • Wesley J.
    08/15/2017 15:24

    Too bad Jefferson owned over 600 slaves in his life time and Washington had slaves his whole life and his wife kept his slaves even after Washington died. Real patriotic...great example governor

  • Deringer R.
    08/15/2017 15:12

    Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both owned slaves lol

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