Gov. McAuliffe reacts to Charlottesville

“You will not succeed... Go home.” The governor of Virginia has a strong message for Nazis and white supremacists.

08/14/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Linda H.
    08/14/2017 13:28

    Great speech!

  • Rey P.
    08/14/2017 13:34

    Yes sir much respect thank u

  • Maama M.
    08/14/2017 13:40


  • Tierra T.
    08/14/2017 13:40


  • Samantha M.
    08/14/2017 13:44

    I wish Dump would have said those exact words!!

  • Valerie V.
    08/14/2017 13:46


  • Ian A.
    08/14/2017 13:54

    thomas jefferson owned slaves tho tf he....nevermind

  • Jeremy Z.
    08/14/2017 14:07


  • Jose K.
    08/14/2017 14:09

    This is a speech

  • Ralph J.
    08/14/2017 14:11

    Idiot. He invited the violence by holding the police back. He should be held accountable.

  • Carol P.
    08/14/2017 14:13

    The act of one does NOT make it anything else then one STUPID person. When hundreds of black rioted and burned Baltimore NO ONE labeled the group. How stupid can a person be to make a statement based on one person action. There is no monument that should be taken down as the liberal movement that suddenly wants them taken down relies on hatred, division, labeling of people. I am tired of the label given whites that disagree with the blacks.

  • Brandon H.
    08/14/2017 14:14

    Sir. Both sides have hurt folks. Both sides have extremest that do cowardly acts as we saw with the coward that drove in he crowd. Prayers to all affected by that. But how dare you say that everyone there was motivated by racism. Some were there to stand up for the history of our country. And not want it to be erased. We learn from our history. We erase it what will we learn from? You? You know everything bout our history? You want to do away with everything that has to do with slavery. Welp.. great Wall of China has to be torn down. The great coliseum has to be torn down. The pyramids have to be torn down. If you want everything that "represents" slavery torn down. We ain't the first country to had slaves we ain't the last there still slaves today. Are you fighting to free them slaves? No you ain't. But you want to erase it.. but only landmarks and some landmarks of folks who was against slavery. N did alot of great things to those that were at one point slaves. But you don't know your history. You listen to the quick tongues n think they are right when they don't know their history either. What happened was tragic done by a coward. But both sides are guilty of cowardly acts. So don't try to take the right of us all of freedom of speech from anyone. Cause we all as AMERICANS have that right. God bless

  • John D.
    08/14/2017 14:14

    I mad he said great people like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington like they wasn't racist as hell and owned slaves

  • Ryan F.
    08/14/2017 14:14

    This is how our president should have responded. With a strong clear message that these white supremacist fascist terrorists are not welcome in America. But he didn't.

  • Latricia H.
    08/14/2017 14:22

    Don't them permits too have these kinds of rallies

  • Nic S.
    08/14/2017 14:36

    LOL @ Terry McAuliffe... Thomas Jefferson & George Washington were white supremacists & slave owners.

  • Ted R.
    08/14/2017 14:42


  • Darrell D.
    08/14/2017 14:43

    Didn't city hall grant them a permit?...if so why is the mayor saying a single word....its all his fault.

  • Mirza R.
    08/14/2017 14:48

    I wonder why he hasn't been labelled a terrorist yet???

  • Christian I.
    08/14/2017 14:49

    So crazy that ppl are saying stuff about political parties. These ppl were throwing up nazi signs. Doing the Nazi salute. What about that is just a political stance. Like he said. Go home. Bc from the videos I've seen black ppl weren't even physically involved. But imagine what happens when the small groups of white supremacist and to stand against united blacks whites hispanics asians. You lose and that's why they're coming out like they are now. Slowing losing their grip on America