• Tiffany S.
    08/04/2017 04:19

    See I don't feel so bad 🙂o

  • Sarah D.
    08/04/2017 04:30

    okay well if this isn't the cutest thing I don't know what is

  • Krystle M.
    08/04/2017 05:27

    Me when I finally finish college

  • Kelon J.
    08/04/2017 05:35

    This is fake. So she was 12 in high school

  • Casey S.
    08/04/2017 06:23

    this will be me by the time I actually graduate tbh 😂

  • Theresa S.
    08/04/2017 06:32

    What an inspiration

  • Gutierrez Y.
    08/04/2017 07:35

    sí vez

  • Annie P.
    08/04/2017 08:20

    at this rate this is how old I'll b when I leave undergrad

  • Kiazbeth S.
    08/04/2017 08:37

    me when I finally graduate

  • Rebecca L.
    08/04/2017 12:32

    My grandfather did this. He was one of 9 children, has battled cancer since the age of 12, and his mother was widowed when he was 13 when his father passed away, so he had to quit school, along with his brothers, to help provide for his family. He worked in a mill his entire life and after cancer almost took him from us back in '91, he decided he was going to finally get his diploma, so at the age of 65, my PawPaw crossed the stage, with gold cords and finally got his diploma! ❤❤

  • Cheyenne H.
    08/04/2017 13:19

    Jaleisa Lee when I finally get my GED

  • Yemi O.
    08/04/2017 13:33

    This is a great story.It doesn't matter if it takes you longer to finish high school/college as long as you finish🤗Nobody should worry about their age,bc other people don't do the work or pay that tuition for you so it's not their business😂😀💕

  • Alyssa K.
    08/04/2017 14:30

    Kristopher Hernandez

  • Gigi B.
    08/04/2017 15:33

    you if the school system had its way

  • Testa E.
    08/04/2017 16:04

    ... the meme .. you already know lmao

  • Dara B.
    08/04/2017 16:10


  • Bingbong G.
    08/04/2017 16:24

    After retaking senior year for the 36th time, just give it up and start selling drugs instead.

  • Gladys S.
    08/04/2017 16:36

    This bout to be me

  • Brianda L.
    08/04/2017 17:09

    me but college

  • Lexi R.
    08/04/2017 17:30

    So she has been going to high school since she was 12?