Grammy-winner iLe is Confronting Femicide

Puerto Rico has one of the highest rates of violence against women, according to the ACLU. Singer ILE spoke with Brut about how she is using music to speak out against sexual assault with her new song "Temes."

Grammy-winner iLe is Confronting Femicide

Grammy-winning artist iLe is sending a message that violence against women can't be ignored.

“I cannot support violence in any way. I cannot see someone die and say, “Oh, that's OK.” I started like letting go of a lot of things that I’m thinking — a lot of anger — and then suddenly, that anger became powerful.”

She set out to create an empowering scene that is challenging to watch in the music video of her song Temes (You Fear in English) The disturbing-yet-nightmarish video for the song opens with the shoes of a man leaving a room as a woman, played by iLe, slowly arranges herself, pulling up her underwear and removing ropes from her neck and wrists to reveal raw wounds of an attacker.

The singer iLe (pronounced EEE-Lay) -- whose entertainment career kicked off as a singer for her brothers' renowned reggaeton rap band Calle 13 -- infuses the traditional Latin bolero style that's often kept for romance yet with dark, tragic lyrics, calling attention to sensitive issues she says society selects to ignore.

It was important through her activisim for her to try to put herself in this place she had never be close to within the controversial video fightig for the rights of others. What she feels is important for her audience to know is that this can happen to anyone including her and she wants people to realize that it's not this this girl or this person that that went through this is just that that could be someone close to any loved one.

Puerto Rico historically has one of the highest rates of violence against women according to the ACLU, with over 40 women murdered in 2018.