Growing Hair For Deaf Rights

This is no fashion statement — Rep. Jonathan Brostoff is taking a unorthodox stance to show Wisconsin state legislators just how serious he is about deaf rights.

03/09/2019 7:01 PM


  • Marissa S.
    03/30/2019 18:33


  • Tania D.
    03/28/2019 19:36

    Larry from the three stooges + krusty the clown = this guy hair

  • Felix N.
    03/28/2019 15:06

    I'm deaf. I was wondering why they just didn't write the information down. Many phones have speech text also.

  • Jr G.
    03/28/2019 06:21


  • Brandon C.
    03/27/2019 14:38

    So you’re telling me this isn’t Eric Andre?

  • Juan C.
    03/27/2019 07:11

    With the hair this guy can rock out to some ABR or some ATR. Lmao.

  • Michael P.
    03/26/2019 21:19

    What happened to pen and paper?

  • Joel S.
    03/26/2019 16:47

    Richard Simmons. 😂

  • Kim W.
    03/26/2019 01:46


  • Bryant M.
    03/25/2019 00:19

    For a second I thought this was Erick Andre

  • Daniel B.
    03/24/2019 22:48

    With that hair he looks like Larry from The Three Stooges and it is awesome!

  • Shrayder Ç.
    03/24/2019 13:32


  • Thomas W.
    03/23/2019 01:53

    He looks like Larry Fine.

  • Jeremy M.
    03/19/2019 22:06

    Ken rosenderg

  • Sage C.
    03/19/2019 18:46

    this is what my hair will looks like if i let it grow out after i shave it

  • Sean W.
    03/19/2019 13:53

    I'm not against this but isn't that the role off the hospital. That's malpractice. How's that the governments responsibility. Hold the doctor responsible

  • Karyle T.
    03/13/2019 21:16

    Thank you for fighting for us. We. Deaf people need that lawyer and leadership of any place you work. Thank you again. I support you

  • Juan D.
    03/13/2019 10:29

    That Guy look like Larry Fire from The Three Stooges.

  • Chantel W.
    03/13/2019 05:24


  • Rosemary R.
    03/13/2019 00:27

    Thank you for your visual and sincere commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Deaf people in Wisconsin. Hopefully other states will follow your lead.

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