• Tristan W.
    08/05/2017 11:52

    Defcon is apparently a hackathon now :/

  • Christopher F.
    08/02/2017 17:04

    C where you need to go

  • Larry B.
    08/02/2017 09:53

    Paper MFRS Paper!

  • Cheston T.
    08/02/2017 06:26

    So that's how trump won

  • Gavin G.
    08/02/2017 06:16

    but but but y would Russia do this?

  • Trent N.
    08/02/2017 04:30

    Robert IV Moseley i know this is fairly top level but I'm sure you have thoughts

  • Karen C.
    08/02/2017 04:00

    Well thank you so much Facebook for suggesting such a terrifying video for me to watch. Now I'll never feel safe again 😁

  • Matthew R.
    08/02/2017 03:50

    Damn the dumb us thick here

  • Maggie R.
    08/02/2017 03:46

    Craig Woodard

  • Selvin M.
    08/02/2017 03:06

    Emmanuel A. Morales

  • Elijah B.
    08/02/2017 03:02

    No duh. Expert hackers who've been arrested have attested that it's also astonishingly easy to hack into the pentagon and NASA.

  • Karen M.
    08/02/2017 02:56

    But Russia supposedly hacked in, took a peek and didn't do anything?! Ok....

  • Javary M.
    08/02/2017 02:56

    Wait a sec there is an actual comic Con for hackers. I thought hacking was a federal offence.?

  • Will L.
    08/02/2017 02:32

    Move along, folks. Nothing to see here

  • Govindaraj K.
    08/02/2017 02:31

    What about Indian voting machines

  • Julio L.
    08/02/2017 02:02

    Raul Monraz Echeverria

  • Andrew G.
    08/02/2017 01:57

    You give anybody with good computer knowledge physical access to a machine and they'll blow your mind.

  • Ramzi A.
    08/02/2017 01:54

    I need to hire these guys to hack into my bank and add some digits there .. Just for the science ... the goal is not any financial gain . But will keep the extra digits as a proof of concept

  • Diamond E.
    08/02/2017 01:39

    And people still believe that election was legit

  • Kodi P.
    08/02/2017 01:37

    This helps validate Trump rigged the election or at least had the Russians do it for him

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