Has society normalized sexist behaviors?

"Mom bods are not accepted but dad bods are." People on TikTok are calling out these sexist behaviors that society has normalized ...

01/06/2022 7:52 PM


  • Susan R.
    01/12/2022 18:54

    The term "Like a girl", and women say it as well.

  • Sheikh W.
    01/12/2022 04:31

    The ball thing 🤣

  • Prabhat S.
    01/11/2022 12:46

    Guys if you fall for types of paid leftist media houses you'll start being ashamed of being men btw is banned in India

  • Liangtong M.
    01/10/2022 01:01

    Poor America.

  • Jii L.
    01/09/2022 12:28

    If you think you deserve special treatment just because you are a women then fuck you and fuck those guys who supports it.

  • Raktim H.
    01/09/2022 09:56


  • Abhinandan M.
    01/09/2022 09:44

    No body cares....

  • Nicky Z.
    01/09/2022 08:00

    Woke tik tok runned by Chinese commies destroying the young generation

  • Gena M.
    01/09/2022 07:59

    The thing about the hollywood Actors she mentioned, lol we have Akshay Kumar who is playing with their former co-stars' daughters like Sara Ali Khan. They can play lead roles anytime but their female co stars gets youngers only. Why?

  • Roshan S.
    01/09/2022 04:04

    All these women change as soon as they see five kilo of rice 🍚. Suddenly it’s a man’s job to carry heavy weight and women are weak . When it comes to money man and women are equal.

  • Athira D.
    01/08/2022 17:21

    I do have a major issue with Ms and Mrs. Just why???

  • Harish M.
    01/08/2022 15:45

    Am Not undermining the issues these women have raised. At micro level, yes these can be concerns. Equality is a human construct though. Even God didn't make his creation equal for all. May be there are certain lessons for each one of us to be taken, when our soul occupies a body. HE (OK HE/SHE) is well aware of the situation in the world and yet we are sent us to the unequal world. Simply evolve with whatever we are handed out.

  • Sahil B.
    01/08/2022 15:29

    Wokism is cancer.

  • Travis J.
    01/08/2022 13:27

    There are unfair societal expectations on both genders.

  • Kirip K.
    01/08/2022 12:47

    If I say to my son .....get some pussy . He would be dead

  • DrPratibha S.
    01/08/2022 11:56

    Why does Brut India even bother to share this like it’s gonna crumble the sanskaari age old Patriarchal Bhartiya mindsets .

  • Gary S.
    01/08/2022 11:35

    Who cares. Each to their own.

  • Anu R.
    01/08/2022 11:33

    Ok.. ok.. that's quite a barrage.. as a mother of two boys I have also seen how girls use their " vulnerability" to get what they want handed in a platter , while men work their asses off trying to provide for an entitled wife.

  • Richard R.
    01/08/2022 09:29

    Fake Feminists taking out their frustrations on FagTok🤣🤣🤣

  • Y D.
    01/08/2022 07:24

    women and men are having different merits and demerits.struggle for equality in every aspect of life is a meaning less concept.

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