• DeLeary M.
    09/10/2017 01:35

    It's a Jew scam to believe that only white people are racist, or form hate groups.

  • Ana M.
    08/26/2017 02:09


  • Ana M.
    08/26/2017 02:08


  • Hossein F.
    08/25/2017 12:54

    Stop worry white people from colors .there is no problem in them this is new trump media

  • Elides E.
    08/25/2017 12:49

    http://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/08/14/us/oklahoma-van-bomb-domestic-terrorism.html I'm gonna leave this link here for all u people ...blaming others it happen right here by Americans too why isn't this all over the news.

  • Jose M.
    08/25/2017 12:13

    Where is the hate group that hates hate groups group lol....

  • Chris J.
    08/25/2017 09:29

    The white supremacist hate groups have no power in the U.S. and they never will. They have no support in the media. No support on college campuses. They have no influence on the government. Antifa and blm on the other hand, they do have influence on the government and supporters in the msm. If people want to find REAL Nazis, look at Ukraine. Take a look at who the Obama administration empowered in Kiev. The svoboda party and the right sector. And the azov battalion.

  • Robert R.
    08/25/2017 07:48

    I denounce hate... I've got like 8 bucks.....

  • Jonathon E.
    08/25/2017 05:57

    Why dont you people start calling a spade a spade if one hate group is labeled a hate group then they all are. KKK BLM and Antifa Black Panthers all a bunch of racist thugs. Peace through violence is never the answer and if you condone the actions of one group you are for all of them.

  • Daniel B.
    08/25/2017 05:46

    Me being native says who ever can't get along with other people or have pride from your country more than american pride need to go back to their "prideful" country, not immigrants.

  • Daniel B.
    08/25/2017 05:40

    Just because you aren't white, doesn't mean your heart isn't better. Hate comes in all colors against all races, even with in the same.

  • Alejandra A.
    08/25/2017 05:03

    this is what happened 😡

  • Hemery P.
    08/25/2017 04:37

    I don't get how tf can you be patriotic and wave the U.S flag but love Nazi stuff 😂😂😂 ww2 soldiers must be rolling in their graves right now

  • Jen D.
    08/25/2017 03:21

    All hate needs to stop.

  • Joshua C.
    08/25/2017 03:04

    Do they count BLM, Mexican, Libtards and Antifa bitches ????

  • Ralph J.
    08/25/2017 02:12

    Maybe according to the most egregious hate group in the nation - the Southern Poverty Law Center. But not in objective reality. I don't suppose they listed the two worst hate offenders - Antifa & BLM.

  • Freddy V.
    08/25/2017 00:08

    Majority of them are keyboard warriors.

  • Robby A.
    08/24/2017 23:59

    Black separatists? Why can't they label them as black supremacists too? Lol

  • Jayjay B.
    08/24/2017 23:51

    you know youre allowed yo defend yourselves. and youre allowed to have peaceful rallies and gatherings as long as it isnt a violent.

  • Chris T.
    08/24/2017 23:38

    I speak to all the people that can't get over the fact that we do indeed have a white president again. That's not racist!

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