Have U.S. presidents prepared the country for a pandemic?

Since Bill Clinton's term, U.S. presidents have been aware of a risk of a pandemic. But how did they choose to prepare for one?

05/01/2020 12:28 PM


  • Pete D.
    a day


  • Mona E.
    10/11/2020 07:30

    They where all aware 😔

  • Graham R.
    10/06/2020 18:35

    Fauci is on record as saying in 2017 there will be a pandemic in 2020????

  • Terry M.
    10/06/2020 10:51

    Only have comment. Case closed!!!

  • Paul L.
    10/05/2020 23:14

    These 2 are the worse ever

  • Michael B.
    10/05/2020 05:51

    Until trump came along to down play it,....

  • Willem L.
    10/03/2020 19:01

    4 zijn bij de nachtzuster geweest wat zal god allemaal gezien hebben. Van corona.

  • Ronnie F.
    10/03/2020 13:16

    3 very dangerous men!!! (Not including President Donald Trump of course!).

  • Kent J.
    10/03/2020 01:50

    Who supported the wuhan laboratory with funds? Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It's Donald Trump's fault we got covid19!

  • Gary R.
    10/02/2020 13:16

    Donald Trump ,I have it and found out that it’s not a hoax wear a 😷

  • Chandramathy P.
    10/02/2020 02:29

    must take Hotwater With 1/2 lime With little Pinch ofSalt Water morning And Slowly Drink that One Tumbler of Water 2 cup. Of Water And Drink After Singing 3 good Worship Songs Of Jesus U Will Not Get Covid Amen, :Every Day U Will Not Get Cold too Amen"take Ginger A Bit Peace And Make that A Small Peace like Almost Paste And Take it That is Enough Your SystemWill Be Cleared With Covid 19Amen:

  • Jessie C.
    10/02/2020 02:16

    They 3 stooges prepare to make money from plandemic..bush ..obama care...clintoris .

  • Ramiro M.
    10/01/2020 16:23

    ... And it includes Robert Redfield who's now the head of the CDC "

  • Mary L.
    10/01/2020 00:48

    They all should know because they are all behind it . Government creates the problem only to turn around and be the answer to the problem they created. When are people going to wake up.They do it because people fall for it . Very sad

  • Lucy G.
    09/30/2020 23:17

    They fu.....up and now they want to put their 2 cents in. You had your chance.

  • Sherman L.
    09/30/2020 18:30

    They set us up for failure

  • Wayne S.
    09/30/2020 08:57

    It’ll all go away like magic poof when the summer gets here don’t you for guys know that fake news nobody’s died

  • Lorraine T.
    09/30/2020 00:58

    I don't know anything about it.

  • Randy E.
    09/30/2020 00:23

    Both presidents left the country vulnerable. Trump made the best choice because we were under attack. He chose to fix the military and now the health care. Can't do both at once.

  • Jeffrey H.
    09/29/2020 13:27

    Kick the can

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