He Faces His Bully After 35 years

35 years after he was savagely bullied, this man came face to face with his bully — the school board superintendent.

08/20/2018 9:01 PM
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  • Sothea N.
    02/26/2019 14:03

    Meanwhile, we still have a SJC who was accused of a sexual assault sitting in the highest court.

  • De M.
    02/25/2019 23:58

    Exactly how it is

  • Chrissy W.
    02/24/2019 18:39

    Good for this man for speaking up. It is amazing how people still deny that they did anything.

  • Larry O.
    02/24/2019 12:15

    We need to bring back smaller “one room” neighborhood schools with all lower grades together - owned and operated by the parents. That way the kids learn to get along and help each other! Separation into “classes” builds jealousy and hate. Having to work together builds trust and cooperation.

  • Gini L.
    02/24/2019 07:27

    Tried to bully me at my 50th class reunion. That’s a story

  • Gini L.
    02/24/2019 07:27

    I was bullied and the bully still

  • Rajendra R.
    02/23/2019 20:49

    It’s 2019 and everybody is a victim.

  • Pamela R.
    02/23/2019 20:13


  • Josephine K.
    02/23/2019 19:01

    If anyone bulllies my child, we are NOT going to end it here on this planet earth. Better Believe that!!!!.

  • Brian T.
    02/23/2019 18:59

    He should have taken that .45 and shot little Lance

  • Hydy K.
    02/23/2019 18:56

    Wheres the year book to see if they went to the same school. If they did, guilty AF

  • Clint P.
    02/23/2019 18:55

    I believe Greg Gay...😢 So sad

  • Marie C.
    02/23/2019 18:53

    I’m so sorry you went to all this my heart hurts for you

  • Jesse B.
    02/23/2019 18:51

    When I was transferred to another school, I endured about a year and a half of bullying. Nobody would help me. One day I beat him badly.

  • Robby M.
    02/23/2019 18:49

    Who is the real bully here? The guy that was a kid and did something mean to another kid but worked his whole life doing good things and helping other kids....or this guy who couldn't get past being a coward and gathering the intestinal fortitude to get on with his life? I think losing the superintendent was more of a loss to society itself than giving this pathetic man his 5 minutes of revenge....change my mind

  • Alen Š.
    02/23/2019 18:48

    Bullying is just an act for attention. U stand up for yourself. You protect yourself. Its a way of life thats how it always been. It teaches you how to stand up for yourself later down in life. Because reality and life is a bully in one form or another

  • Terileigh G.
    02/23/2019 18:42

    Good job Mr. Greg Gay.

  • Jerry G.
    02/23/2019 18:41

    It’s such a shame to listen to you people blame you being a bad person on your childhood. Take responsibility for your life as an adult.

  • Greg K.
    02/23/2019 18:35

    Kids have been bullied in school for hundreds of years. You have to stand up for yourself, if they see you’re afraid then they’ll bully you. Kids nowadays don’t know how to do that, I hate to say it but most are a bunch of sissies

  • Walter R.
    02/23/2019 18:34

    I got bullied by a real big guy my first semester in high school in Chicago...he made me feel really depressed and I knew I couldn’t enjoy the holidays feeling like that but I got even... the day before Christmas vacation... I followed him down the we approached my science class I jumped in the air as as high as I could, took that thick hardcover thousand page science book and slammed it on top of his head as hard as I could and then ran into my science room ...when we came back from Christmas vacation nobody ever bullied me again