He Was Tased For Allegedly Using a Counterfeit Bill

This former college football player was punched, tased, and body slammed for allegedly using a counterfeit bill.

11/23/2018 10:01 PM
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  • Dawna B.
    11/23/2018 22:05

    Why not follow instructions and then sort it out, dont complain you were being man handled when clearly your not complying to there instructions.

  • Tim L.
    11/23/2018 22:07

    Trump's hatred spreading fast.

  • Andrew M.
    11/23/2018 22:08

    Good. Now file a lawsuit and get yourself a condo and a bmw. Get that 💰

  • Marco B.
    11/23/2018 22:14

    Tim Lee what does a person using fake currency, no doing what law enforcement tells him do do have to do with the President?

  • Ronald G.
    11/23/2018 22:14

    What’s with the choke hold? Put your hands behind your back while I strangle you! WTF!

  • Paul H.
    11/23/2018 22:15

    Abuse of the badge! They shouldn't be allowed to be around people. #badcops

  • Navpreet S.
    11/23/2018 22:17

    why do high school losers become cops?

  • Jay F.
    11/23/2018 22:17

    Looks like a lot of resisting to me, not to mention disrespect

  • Duke S.
    11/23/2018 22:18

    Hate the pigs

  • Candace L.
    11/23/2018 22:19

    He was doing what the officer asked. Looks to me like officer went from 20 to 100 with no cause.

  • Marco B.
    11/23/2018 22:23

    So Paul Heredia what should police do to criminals that don't obey the law?

  • Wendy W.
    11/23/2018 22:25

    In all my years of customer service and management I never called the police on the customer because half the time they was just as pissed as I was. They got scammed and I gotta fill out paperwork then turn it over to LEO. Hell I got fake money from the bank. Just take the money and unless they got a whole wad of it do your paperwork and turn it in. It's not that serious.

  • Stella H.
    11/23/2018 22:27

    I am so sick of this hatred...😠

  • Drew D.
    11/23/2018 22:29

    Dont get me wrong i cant stand trigger happy cops ive been stopped by more than a few. But im smart enough to know not to give them any reason because any reason is enough

  • Ramon A.
    11/23/2018 22:31

    I hope he gets tons of $$ for this false arrest and police brutality.

  • Lmindi V.
    11/23/2018 22:34

    this is america

  • Yuridia F.
    11/23/2018 22:34

    Police is getting crazy

  • Kerby E.
    11/23/2018 22:34

    This is america

  • Manant P.
    11/23/2018 22:35

    There you see the "valiant coward Rambos" pretending to be heroes.....vomitive so much empty brains...shame on them bad spotting a good institution.

  • Caroline B.
    11/23/2018 22:36

    IT took that many cops for one person?