Heather Heyer's mother won't talk to D. Trump

"You can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying I’m sorry.” The mother of Heather Heyer on why she didn't talk to President Trump. And won't.

08/18/2017 4:22 PM
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  • Pat D.
    08/18/2017 16:29

    Good for her, so strong, mt heart aches for her loss

  • Praparn C.
    08/18/2017 16:35

    How can he think before speak? His mind is unsteady

  • John F.
    08/18/2017 16:59

    A message for Donald Trump: "CAUTION - Be Sure Brain is Engaged Before Putting Mouth in Gear!"

  • Susan A.
    08/18/2017 17:01

    Can't imagine her pain...

  • Mary K.
    08/18/2017 17:02

    She is heartbroken- everyone can understand that.

  • Mary A.
    08/18/2017 17:03

    That is how trump feels good for you my heart goes out to you and your family

  • Trudy-Ann I.
    08/18/2017 17:03

    That man brain is a race track and little egotistical trumpanzees are constantly running around in his head

  • Halston K.
    08/18/2017 17:04

    That's kinda unfair, its not like he knew that 100%. How could he have know if she kkk or not. I'm pretty sure there are women in kkk

  • Derrick B.
    08/18/2017 17:20

    God Bless her. I am excited to donate to the foundation. 💙🇺🇸

  • Darrell D.
    08/18/2017 17:37

    Maybe she should talk to Hilary!...after all ,...This started because of a video.

  • Javier M.
    08/18/2017 17:48

    Facts: (remember we watched Trump say that he spoke to her?)

  • Arbie V.
    08/18/2017 17:53

    Spoken like a true liberal. Sorry for your loss. I repeat back to you, think before you speak, President Trump has a heart as big as all outdoors, don't believe and interpret what the liberal's preach, it doesn't become you, you're better than that.

  • Durant J.
    08/18/2017 17:54

    Wow so he lied again & I've seen that video too... Wow

  • Josefina L.
    08/18/2017 17:58

    Que dios te bendiga mucho

  • Havier M.
    08/18/2017 18:00

    Such a lady! Much love to her and her family, what she should have said is this Fymp!

  • Estevan D.
    08/18/2017 18:03

    People caught up in politics so much they call this lady a liberal. Maybe shes just a grieving mother who lost her child and doesn't want to talk to someone who literally spoke ill of her dead child. Some of you people are fucking disgusting. This womans child is DEAD and you assholes bash her by assuming which political party shes aligned with. If you dumbasses really knew ANYTHING about politics you would be paid politicians. NEWSFLASH. You aren't. Dickheads.

  • Obet T.
    08/18/2017 18:15

    I agree. With that poor mother who losses her precious child. My deepest condolences, and may the good Lord give you the strength to face one day at a time. Unfortunately we have a pig as president in our beautiful nation. I wouldn't even argued with his follower, cause i honestly just feel sooo sorry for them. They will have to stand before. God one day, the creator of all mankind, and they will have to give account to the king of all king, and Lord of lords. Lets pray for does racists people cause is a sign of mental illness. I have no problem with white people. I think they are one of the most precious people in this world, neither do i have problem with my people, nor Hispanics nor any kind. Cause my God makes no junk and he makes no mistake. When he made mankind he made us all beautiful like his image. God bless everyone.

  • James B.
    08/18/2017 18:16

    Here,, if can get the assembled press and any audience he is before to just stand up and silently turn their backs to him....THAT, I would pay to see! Our condolences to you and your family...

  • Mahsa M.
    08/18/2017 18:17

    she is AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Carol L.
    08/18/2017 18:27

    Whats the matter with these people. when they go to protest they should also know there is a possibility it will go bad. Stay home and find other ways to try to fix things. protests are not the answer.