Heather Heyer's mother won't talk to D. Trump

"You can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying I’m sorry.” The mother of Heather Heyer on why she didn't talk to President Trump. And won't.

08/18/2017 4:22 PM


  • Kenyon S.
    08/12/2018 03:28

    Both sides were violent & looking to b violent...if the one side had left the lawfully permitted protesters alone, regardless of who they were, it would have never happened...their goal was to deny the 1st Amendment rights & ppl got caught in the crossfire...but they put themselves in harms way...I agree w/ what Trump said...both sides were to blame...I actually blame the left more...they should have stayed away & let them have their rally...that’s what freedom requires...u don’t get to decide freedoms for everyone else...

  • Joyce D.
    12/01/2017 22:29

    Heather Hayer died of a heart ataack.

  • Shirley M.
    08/24/2017 07:22

    Sending my deepest sympathy and condolences. Praying for you and your family. 🌸🌸

  • Tanya T.
    08/22/2017 01:14

    I bet your ass voted for him !!!!

  • Karen B.
    08/21/2017 22:37

    sorry for the loss of your girl but Trump did not kill her!!! And if you choose to continue to make a total ASS of your self it fits -- the situation that caused the death of her!

  • Theodore K.
    08/21/2017 00:40

    Oh and Sen. Robert Byrd, democrat, was a Grand Wizard with the KKK all the way up to his death.

  • Larry D.
    08/20/2017 18:05

    President Trump did not encourage any violence the morons who hit each other with bats and blow torches did

  • Susie R.
    08/20/2017 11:43

    Sorry for your loss. You can't blame President Trump for it. Blame the protesters and the company that hire the protesters to fight and the violence.

  • Patricia H.
    08/20/2017 05:14

    This woman is so stupid that does not realize that liberals caused her daughter's death ??

  • Yvonne B.
    08/19/2017 23:21

    People will not take this seriously Until its their family.. Sending my condolences to you ma'am and your family..

  • Arbie V.
    08/19/2017 22:17

    Sherry Young, Out of respect she does, but obviously you and she don't respect yourselves so you wouldn't know what respect is.

  • Lisa S.
    08/19/2017 20:11

    Lying bitch how was Antifa at your daughters funeral

  • Myron W.
    08/19/2017 19:50

    You can't discover someone died during a peaceful protest and say "there were bad people on BOTH sides" and "sure, there's good people on either side." It's not about being politically correct in this case. The lady was mauled by a Dodge Charger and 45 didn't address/condemn it at the height of discovery. This is why his initial comments came under fire. When you're a leader, it's tough to pedal backwards.

  • Carl B.
    08/19/2017 18:52

    People please stop just calling for people to unite. Their can be no unity until we have clarity about our reality. Black people are not too ready to hold hands and sing kumbaya with a bunch of white people who are denying that we are actually experiencing racism that is making us feel like we don't belong as much as other white people. We can't just unite when our core beliefs are completely in contradiction. This is not a party argument, it's an argument for complete civil rights and refusal to accept bigotry.

  • Chelsea A.
    08/19/2017 15:51

    If I were her I would take this opportunity to finally verbally abuse him right to his face

  • Juan D.
    08/19/2017 15:33

    Think before you speak...... one of the most basic things you teach a child.... respect.... guess trumps parents didn't have time to teach him that one.... or how to properly brush his hair

  • Collin W.
    08/19/2017 15:21

    How about you quit being bitch and meeting leopard on your own terms. Her "think before you speak" kinda makes it look like she's putting herself above the president and is just looking down at him. If you have the chance to talk with the president of the United States, NEVER turn that down. He was equating the white supremacists, of which they have been disproportionately shown in the media, to the BLM movement which has had a history of being violent and getting no punishment for it. That is a perfectly reasonable claim. But you know, he's Trump, so everything he does is grounds for hatred

  • Robert M.
    08/19/2017 15:20

    Antifa went there for i e purpose, and one ourpose only. To ibcite violence. Just listen to them "punching a nazi is okay" well, live by the consequences. I feel sorry for her loss but her daughter was amongst the a tifa crowd. Meaning she wanted to "punch a nazi" too. So, it's on her and herself only. Not on the President.

  • Danna M.
    08/19/2017 14:59

    She was fine with him until the MSM got to her with the money. Don't use your child for politics. She was there for a cause. Either support what she died for or turn away from it all. By the way what side was she from? I never heard. Sorry for your family's loss.

  • Lou W.
    08/19/2017 14:25

    "You stupid liberals! You need to tolerate Nazis! Stop oppressing us! All we wanna do is kill all the non-white people! Both sides to blame! Both sides to blame! YEE-HAW!"

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