Helping Black Families Find Santa Who Looks Like Them

Santa doesn't have to be white — and with this app, black families can find a Santa who looks just like them and their kids. 🎅🏿

12/22/2018 7:58 PMupdated: 12/18/2019 3:37 PM
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  • Joseph H.
    12/26/2019 23:11

    Santa Claus is a fictional person that's true but there was a man by the name of Saint Nick Saint Nicholas and actually did bring food and presents to the poor exactly how many years I believe it was maybe 1500 years ago that's how and that's why we have Santa Claus. So Saint Nicholas was a white person. But there's nothing wrong with having a black Santa

  • Brion W.
    12/25/2019 14:49

    The only Santa (Dad) that came down the chimney at our house was an African-American. My parents made sure my Sister, and Brother and I knew that!

  • David R.
    12/24/2019 23:06

    Cultural appropriation!!!! Just kidding despite everything we still love it when other cultures imitate us.

  • Daniel R.
    12/24/2019 22:48

    It doesn't matter whether he's Chinese or German look alike,African or Turkish or any other races as long as Jesus is the center of why Santa existed in the first place???.Santa is a symbol of a gift giver! A symbol comes from God who gifted humanity with a savior!. Let no one forget that? Merry Christmas to all creeds & nation!!!!

  • Anna M.
    12/24/2019 18:35

    I agree. Absolutely.

  • Ryan K.
    12/24/2019 18:32

    Just admit it, you hate white people.

  • Jasent A.
    12/24/2019 18:28

    Who looks at skin color? I look at how fat his belly is .... Hahaaa

  • Mark C.
    12/24/2019 18:18

    For anyone who has a problem with this, Santa clause is fictional. Just wanted to point that out

  • Matt L.
    12/24/2019 18:11

    What color is a Jewish Santa....?🤔

  • Jeff M.
    12/24/2019 17:00

    why? are they racist?

  • Maureen R.
    12/24/2019 16:59

    as the nana of 2 bi racial grands , I used to have a heck of a time finding black angels and santa's.

  • Shelley E.
    12/24/2019 16:56

    I always tell kids that Santa is magic so he could look like anyone! Girl, boy, black, white, old, young. You never know where Santa is or who he could be. That's another reason to be nice to people! You just never know. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  • Elgar F.
    12/24/2019 16:40

    Why not. Merry Christmas !!!

  • Barqi H.
    12/24/2019 16:14

    Merry Christmas

  • Sharon C.
    12/24/2019 15:26

    I LOVE this idea! All races should have a version of Santa and anyone else of their choosing.

  • Zana Y.
    12/24/2019 15:07

    Fack u Christmas 🖕🖕🖕

  • Fred B.
    10/27/2019 15:05

    Add this to my santa page

  • Fred B.
    10/06/2019 17:32

    Im a black santa

  • Manoj G.
    01/01/2019 00:56

    wish you a happy new year'

  • Yop R.
    01/01/2019 00:05

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