High Schoolers Convert Toy Into Wheelchair

A high school robotics team in Minnesota designed a custom, power wheelchair for a toddler out of toy. ❤️ Special thanks to Rogue Robotics - Farmington.

High Schoolers Convert Toy Into Wheelchair

What seemed like an intractable problem for the family was ultimately solved by a combination of customized education technology and teenage enthusiasm. High school students in Minnesota converted a Power Wheels toy into a wheelchair for this toddler. Two-year-old Cillian Jackson has genetic disability that affects his mobility. His parents reached out to Farmington High School — which his dad attended as a teenager. The team spent about 3 weeks converting the toy into a wheelchair. Robotics isn't just about robots. It's about changing somebody else's life to make their life better, not just winning a trophy. In less than a month, Cillian was on the move to improve his health.

Farmington robotics coach Spencer Elvebak says there was no hesitation by his students. “The skills they learn here is something that you could go out and do for a career. It kind of brings these competitions bring the excitement of a competitive sport because it's three robots competing at the same time as three other robots to try to win a match. But yet there, like I said, it's hopefully sparking their interest in the STEM field. And so with all the community outreach and stuff we do to just make them better people and make a difference.”

The Farmington High School robotics team was also recognized by the first lady for building a customized wheelchair for a Burnsville boy and turning it into a feel good story. The team and the boy’s family were invited to be part of the first anniversary of Melania Trump’s “Be Best” initiative, which supports programs that inspires better quality lives of children.

Everyone involved hopes this project improves not only community relations, but will spark more interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.


05/09/2019 12:00 PM


  • Samantha H.
    07/24/2021 23:53

    What toy was this? I want to do this for my son.

  • Wanderer H.
    05/31/2019 01:55

    Do not forgot to give your project the name of that nice kid, good luck

  • Xyrabelle V.
    05/29/2019 08:56

    , 🤩

  • Yanett H.
    05/22/2019 14:03

    Gloria a Dios!!!!

  • Leo R.
    05/21/2019 22:07

    Great work guys that is,super god bless your talent

  • Richard L.
    05/20/2019 12:29

    Way cool, God bless you and your students, as well as all those who can benefit from your involvement.

  • Prakash G.
    05/20/2019 01:40

    bache bhai log bhai se aaj😂😂😂😂😂

  • Margarita S.
    05/19/2019 03:53

    Papito Dios los bendiga 😘😍

  • Sweetpea N.
    05/17/2019 23:27

    Wonderful! God bless you and more

  • Deolindoarturteixeira D.
    05/11/2019 10:30


  • Bernard L.
    05/09/2019 14:00

    Awesome! Professor X chair

  • Brut
    05/09/2019 13:27

    This teen built himself a prosthetic arm using Legos when he was just 9-years-old. 😲

  • Jennifer B.
    05/09/2019 13:27

    Brilliant job!

  • Roland C.
    05/09/2019 12:19

    Well that school

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