Homeless in the pandemic: NYC org provides relief

For homeless people, COVID-19 is a crisis within a crisis. As thousands struggle, NYC Relief is lending a helping hand.

12/24/2020 5:59 PM


  • Liz K.
    12/25/2020 02:31

    Doing more in one day than our government has done in FOUR YEARS

  • Peter S.
    12/25/2020 01:18

    Make America great again?

  • Corey H.
    12/24/2020 22:49

    Thank you for continuing to cover the difficulties of our friends struggling with homelessness.

  • Faye L.
    12/24/2020 21:18

    Sending love, prayers and warmth to you all...

  • Cameron C.
    12/24/2020 19:46

    America where the third world and the first world merge in to one