• Ralph M.
    06/29/2017 03:17

    Yeah correctors no reason to veteran should be homeless there is scad of information out there they have to seek it out

  • Islam S.
    06/29/2017 02:35

    Local governments are just starting to realize this in America. Europe was doing way before. America is just slow.

  • Paul O.
    06/29/2017 02:34

    Im not Veteran, but thank you, i believe they will all find hope. My father is a Navy Vet & he always opened up my mother's house (cause she runs that KINGDOM) to a lot of Marines.!!!

  • Rick B.
    06/29/2017 02:32

    Nothing against vets because I am one. There are homeless people out there who are not vets as well. It's not right whether you served or not.

  • Daniel H.
    06/29/2017 00:40

    we have money to send troops to war but not to care for them upon their return. shameful.

  • Kevin H.
    06/28/2017 19:25

    give them a home, problem solved. what is next?

  • Katherine J.
    06/28/2017 15:21

    We had more than 900 homeless vets show up for a 3 day housing and resource event in San Diego a couple years ago. It's crazy how systemic this problem is.

  • Katie N.
    06/28/2017 13:59

    We need to do what sweden does

  • Tony N.
    06/28/2017 02:36

    It takes a year or longer for a homeless veteran who applies for benefits to get denied. The military created their problem and refuses to help them. Very few will give them a job.

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