How a DNA test unlocked the answers to one woman's ancestry

"I'm African American, so I'm a product of slavery. I don't know where I come from." Then, Sahara Williams took a DNA test...

02/18/2021 1:35 PM


  • Jay J.
    12/24/2021 04:29

    Happy of her ignorance smh

  • Bryan G.
    12/21/2021 23:39

    Just because you're black in America doesn't mean you're a product of slavery

  • Mahedi H.
    12/18/2021 18:27

    What's wrong if you are African American is that crime or something?

  • Clickson C.
    12/17/2021 20:30

    You come from Africa idiot

  • Ntoh F.
    12/17/2021 17:07

    If you where born in America, grew up in America, you're not African American, you're Black American or an American. An African American is someone who migrates from Africa to the United States and becomes an American citizen

  • Dina T.
    12/17/2021 16:31

    That's why I post what I do cuz you never know

  • Dina T.
    12/17/2021 16:30

    This is why it's good to know your history

  • Pilgrim P.
    12/16/2021 21:41

    A lot of us have ancestors that were slaves...including Jews...Irish, Chinese.. And much more..

  • Moh F.
    12/16/2021 17:44

    Just for kicks ........ was there any other options. Mayb asia or middle east

  • Shah K.
    12/16/2021 16:36

    Sahara Williams Tikar

  • Fred L.
    12/16/2021 10:33


  • Riaan V.
    12/16/2021 08:06

    So now you can return to Cameroon and enjoy the spoils of Africa and stop feeling sorry for yourself

  • Robert C.
    12/16/2021 06:51

    Very happy for you. However, based on past experience with DNA testing, kindly think of confirming result with a close relative (e.g. mother, sister) and different app/company. Best, Rob

  • Thomas K.
    12/15/2021 18:58

    Well All of Africa embraces you and all the sisters and brothers out there who feel the urge to reconnect with their roots. Your all welcome.

  • Banban M.
    12/15/2021 18:39

    Just another non sense black girl talking about her skin color. Lol

  • Esohe O.
    12/15/2021 18:18

    Bless her, welcome sist

  • Rumi L.
    12/15/2021 15:39

    Not here 🙄

  • Sayyid H.
    12/15/2021 15:17

    I did it and it was one of the happiest moments of my life !!! Also it matched up with history on both sides of my family

  • Diane S.
    12/15/2021 14:10

    I WOULD LOVE ONE TO FIND OUT WHERE I COME FROM. Thank You For Posting This Videoclip

  • Barbara E.
    12/15/2021 13:45

    Can you imagine, Europeans not knowing their history??????

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