• Shondina D.
    05/17/2017 18:20


  • Mackenzie S.
    05/17/2017 18:22

    anotha one

  • Chris R.
    05/17/2017 18:45

    God I hope he's not impeached.

  • Yan Z.
    05/17/2017 18:51

    Everything you dumb fuck and he should be thrown in jail

  • Chasen D.
    05/17/2017 19:36

    All accusations no proof. Liberal crybabies, in the election y'all hated Pence and Trump... WHO THE HELL DO YOU think is next in line if you impeach Trump you snowflakes? Oh shit it's PENCE! And he IS a career politician and won't do anything to risk getting impeached. GTFOH

  • Sal M.
    05/17/2017 19:36

    Green is a crackhead

  • Ben R.
    05/17/2017 19:37

    I didn't know we HAD a representative Al Green 😊 Please let him run for president! Al Green for president!!!

  • Ian M.
    05/17/2017 19:44

    Imaginary fake memo: So Trump asked Comey to obstruct justice in February and he only remembered it after he was fired.... I can't believe people actually believe this non sense and garbage. It's all made up.

  • Stone P.
    05/17/2017 20:14

    So let's impeach Donald Trump. Then you have Mike Pence. Impeach him then you have Paul Ryan. Impeach him and you have Oran Hatch. Republican after republican after republican you can't get rid of us but good luck trying

  • Annabell B.
    05/17/2017 20:42

    Please impeach him!

  • JC V.
    05/17/2017 20:53

    Dummy has no Proof !!!!!!

  • JC V.
    05/17/2017 20:54

    Al green a races

  • Hao N.
    05/17/2017 21:04

    Trump is accused of things he actually did and Republicans scream "where's the proof?!" Many from the same group once heard someone say Obama was a Muslim and suddenly it's a "fact". The hypocrisy is way too real.

  • John R.
    05/17/2017 21:06


  • Patrick M.
    05/17/2017 21:31

    You know all these leftwing politicians should run for office in Mexico...# Americans first.

  • Kate O.
    05/17/2017 21:49

    About to impeach his Nazi ass.

  • Brock M.
    05/17/2017 21:50

    All POTUS probably legally commit or conspire to commit 20 felonies per day. But as Nixon said when the President does it.... It isn't illegal.

  • Brandon J.
    05/17/2017 22:20

    No evidence = no impeachment LOL

  • Chris S.
    05/17/2017 22:24

    So the best president in decades is guilty for nationalism I guess.

  • Indra R.
    05/17/2017 23:06