• Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 04:13

    If these white nationalist \racist snowflakes touch one hair on the man's head. It will be hell to pay..

  • William M.
    05/24/2017 02:04

    Go ahead try to impeach president Trump you Democrats are on your way out people are getting tired of you even the Democrat people they see you as a joke you're an embarrassment so go for it and when you're out on your back end and you're not in office anymore I'm going to laugh like hell

  • Morgan M.
    05/22/2017 22:52

    You morons eat up fake news like crazy. Comey had already stated under oath a couple months ago that he was not asked by ANYONE to halt an investigation into the Russian issue.

  • Eric D.
    05/22/2017 22:41

    I call for Al Greens impeachment.

  • Harry B.
    05/22/2017 22:31


  • Fernando J.
    05/22/2017 22:17


  • William N.
    05/22/2017 22:15

    Everyone or the 3 are lies. No factual news, game mews period.

  • Shantell G.
    05/22/2017 22:11

    My Lord Jesus Everyone has a Opinion and he has a right to Speak how he feel

  • Webb G.
    05/22/2017 21:48

    Why was it ok for Obama to do what he did to destroy America and no one spoke to impeach him

  • Chris H.
    05/22/2017 21:14

    I think we should lock up the democarts and liberals should be locked up for treason and conspiracy against the nation

  • Paula L.
    05/22/2017 21:13

    Shame on you

  • Doug S.
    05/22/2017 21:03

    Democrats just need to shut their cock washers

  • Matthew M.
    05/22/2017 20:56

    I'm from Texas and I honestly disagree with Al cause then that would put Hilary in power right. And Fuck that..

  • David G.
    05/22/2017 20:48


  • Jeremy S.
    05/22/2017 20:46

    Present physical evidence, actual evidence tying him to anything the media is claiming...we'll wait.

  • Rosalina N.
    05/22/2017 19:46

    Crazy shut your big. kiss his ass😜☹️

  • Lawrence B.
    05/22/2017 19:46

    HATE will be down fall of AMERICA

  • Hardy M.
    05/22/2017 18:37


  • Terry F.
    05/22/2017 18:30

    He won , get over it, he's trying to correct obamas mistakes

  • Marshall W.
    05/22/2017 17:37

    lol I wonder why people from Australia are trying to push the topic to impeach trump...you don't live here, you're not an American citizen, and I know you didn't vote in our election. Don't mess with America because we are back and stronger than ever!

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