How does immunity work ?

The tribe has NOT spoken yet... Michael Flynn wants an immunity, but really what is he asking for ?

04/04/2017 6:36 PM


  • Annemarie F.
    04/05/2017 20:01

    Are we to a point where people don't understand the use of immunity in the judicial system unless it is likened to a reality t.v. show, Survivor?

  • Nik C.
    04/05/2017 06:55

    Wow the retardation.the purpose of immunity is so that a lesser crine is over looked to get a bigger fish.

  • Anthoney M.
    04/05/2017 04:29

    Jut give him the immunity for the U. S. And whatever country he did illegal Shit well next time he visits it make sure he doesn't have a plane ride back. And arrested under the other countries laws problem solved.

  • Andy T.
    04/05/2017 00:48

    They should have used Mcafee for the other guy. Is that who they were trying to portray? LMAOO

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