How She Paid Off $222,000 of Student Loan Debt

She went viral for dancing in a purple jumpsuit after paying off over $222,000 of student loan debt. Here's the one question she asked her colleague to make it possible — and help close the gender pay gap. 😼

Time to pay up

This woman celebrated paying off $222,817.26 in student loan debt. In her video, Boston also shared what she asked her male colleague, and how it led to beating the gender pay gap. She eventually decided to switch jobs and saw a 41% increase in salary. Boston says she overcame many adversities while paying off her loans — including her father dying by suicide. She dedicated her video to him.

I think it's really interesting how money dictates so much of our everyday life and our long term plans our short-term plans and we never talk about it. And I think we talk about in either an aspirational way you know kind of “get that money” sort of way or everybody's hustling but no one ever actually talks about negotiating raises or switching jobs for a career path that's meant to earn you more money. I really heard nothing besides “just live more frugally,” which is not the only advice you need when you're paying off six-figured debt. I think that everyone — particularly women — need to know how to advocate for themselves and should be empowered to advocate for themselves. No one's gonna do it for you, and no matter how good your work, it's less likely to get noticed and You're less likely to get paid what you deserve if you don't take the reins right over your own destiny. I think women will only advance themselves if they work together, if they lean on each other, and I think that you know women helping women is the way forward. It's always been the way forward, but especially at work.

Three years later, Boston is at a new job, making what she asked for; a salary much higher than she ever expected to be asking for. Now, Boston hopes to empower other women to advocate for themselves.