Howard Zinn on how history is taught

Donald Trump recently blasted the work of historian Howard Zinn as "propaganda." Here is Zinn discussing the importance of rethinking how we view the triumphs and tragedies of U.S. history.

09/18/2020 7:37 PM


  • John A.
    09/16/2021 01:33

    Howard Zinn is not a true historian, he was kicked out of teaching his classes since he was actually radicalizing his classes in Marxist ideas.

  • Helen H.
    05/28/2021 11:59

    Thank you, Howard Zinn

  • Sean M.
    09/25/2020 10:01

    Loved his book. One of the best histories I've ever read.

  • Tina S.
    09/25/2020 04:38

    Oh, look who’s reading from a teleprompter!

  • Anastasia P.
    09/24/2020 21:22

    Teaching with honesty not a political agenda

  • Micaela C.
    09/24/2020 20:26

    Anyone who thinks Zinn's book is propaganda or will make you hate America hasn't read it

  • Cloie P.
    09/24/2020 18:18

    Trump can't read, and he was raised believing he was above everyone else. A weak character who takes his cues from white supremacists.

  • Nick L.
    09/23/2020 05:52

  • Richard B.
    09/22/2020 19:13

    I’m with you Howard, and it’s not because of the blithering idiot’s narrow minded views on his distorted versions of history.

  • Aurélie A.
    09/21/2020 21:42

    Trump vs Zinn :

  • Ellie J.
    09/21/2020 16:17

    I don't think Trump understands the history, he only represents arrogance, mocking the disabled, using foul language, he has no idea what intelligence really is... and yet, he is the president 🤮

  • Alicia P.
    09/21/2020 10:37

    The true definition of a hero is to stand for the right to examine and challenge the moment come to the decision you make by thoroughly looking at every aspect of the issue from all views especially the ones who lived it. To fight for the truth you find there no matter the opposition but to always listen as well.

  • Nick L.
    09/21/2020 00:53

    Trump is just saying we don't need to tear down this country any further...get rid of the establishment, yes, but we can stop hating our history...and focus on the future.

  • Cathy H.
    09/20/2020 23:12

    I've been getting a lovely laugh listening to trump's wonderful interpretations of history. Among my favourites are the airports being closed at the battle of Gettysburg and the picture in my mind evoked by trump's description of Sir Winston Churchill shouting from a roof top with the Luftwaffe (Not Nazis) flying overhead to stay calm, everything will be fine - over in summer probably. Yes, this is the man who should be dictating which version of history children should be taught!

  • Marvin P.
    09/20/2020 23:05

    Let's not forget Milton William Cooper, ps.

  • Milind K.
    09/20/2020 22:36

    Respect for Howard Zinn and his wisdom!

  • Carmen M.
    09/20/2020 21:43

    Howard Zinn is awesome!! Very intelligent. Something that Trump’s not. Trump is really dumb and has no idea of history so he bad mouth people who are smarter then him.

  • Tami S.
    09/20/2020 20:10

    How do you expect people to learn from mistakes if you try to hide the mistakes or deny them?

  • Yolanda S.
    09/20/2020 18:56

    Just purchased it.

  • Louisa O.
    09/20/2020 18:34

    Kids should be ashamed of u as president!!

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