I was honestly concerned he might lie

"I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meetings." James Comey about President Trump. #ComeyTestimony

06/08/2017 5:52 PM
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  • Sef N.
    06/08/2017 18:52

    Everybody has a price for the billiondollar man

  • Kennedy Y.
    06/08/2017 19:33

    He can't even say a good morning without lying. Lol

  • Jake H.
    06/08/2017 20:36

    Amos Willie, are you sure he is doing his job?

  • Brittany R.
    06/08/2017 21:24

    found this one too..

  • Ser'Darius B.
    06/08/2017 21:29

    Oliver Macready

  • Robert S.
    06/08/2017 21:34

    It was a scumbag move what Comey did with Hillary. (I have my suspicions on why). BUT the man is articulate and obviously a good judge of character. The Presidents own leader of the FBI didnt trust the word or the integrity of this current president! THATS ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT TRUMP!

  • Tyrone H.
    06/08/2017 21:44

    Get Trump out of the White House Please he don't belong there!!!!!!

  • Bingbong G.
    06/08/2017 22:05

    "News company." - Brut.

  • Reneé P.
    06/08/2017 23:04

    Get rid of that corrupt orange clown

  • Luis G.
    06/08/2017 23:14

    This is fake news ppl. 😂😂

  • Malik S.
    06/08/2017 23:23

    The fact that people want to argue that he shouldn't have documented his conversation with Trump goes to show you how corrupt Trump and his followers really are. He is the only president to my recollection that attacks his enemies and his allies. The only sitting president who criticizes our country's allies and desperately wants to begin a relationship with our enemies

  • Trulaine H.
    06/08/2017 23:39

    That said a lot.

  • Jared H.
    06/08/2017 23:42

    Lol wow he was concerned someone else was going to lie... that's funny considering he's a fucking hypocrite liar 😂 lol do these dumb fucks really think they are fooling anyone with this guy... those that believe anything coming out of this mother fuckers mouth need a reality check.. or did we already forget about the whole email scandal with Killary and him lying on a few occasions throughout the investigation process

  • Haris T.
    06/09/2017 00:13

    aka hotchner here

  • Ray C.
    06/09/2017 00:14


  • حيدر خ.
    06/09/2017 00:15

    So this is my question if the head of the FPI didn't trust trump and documents all the things he said ... how can I or u the citizens of the United States 🇺🇸 trust him????

  • Andrei M.
    06/09/2017 00:15

    Thank God his fired!!!

  • Loretta P.
    06/09/2017 00:39

    My RESPECT AND ADMIRATION for MR Comey.....his LOYALTY is to his country and constitution! !

  • Brandon R.
    06/09/2017 00:48

    He completely contradicted everything he said under oath the last time he was interviewed. Although, he wasn't a disgruntled employee like he is now and if I'm not mistaken he said he's never been pressured to end an investigation that would be "a big deal" and he confirmed what Trump has said numerous times which of course the main stream media said he was lying about and that's that he was told 3 times that he wasn't under investigation. The only recurring theme here is that Trump keeps being proven truthful.

  • Marcelina A.
    06/09/2017 00:59

    Last one lol