I was honestly concerned he might lie

"I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meetings." James Comey about President Trump. #ComeyTestimony

06/08/2017 5:52 PM


  • Brad H.
    06/15/2017 19:07

    I think I kept records? You can write anything you want based on your interpretation of the conversations. Why is anyone assuming he is writing the truth? This is just another way to try to harm the credibility of Trump. This is coming from a person who went beyond the scope of his job to protect Hillary. Zero credibility here.

  • Regina W.
    06/13/2017 14:57

    Big crybaby

  • Kristy M.
    06/13/2017 00:26

    He's taking this route to take focus off what a horrible job he did with Hillary.. it's so obvious he's trying to save his reputation.. however i do believe he is lieing. Why did he not take#memeos with Hillary... It is protocol to document your meetings. And it must be a thorough report. Smdh.. he's so fake !

  • Lib J.
    06/11/2017 00:21

    What a yuck

  • Pam K.
    06/10/2017 22:46

    You all are so transparently haters Exactly why we won't ever get along sad but true turn the tables...

  • Pam K.
    06/10/2017 22:43

    Losers verses winners which one are you!! And what are you going to DO about it!

  • Pam K.
    06/10/2017 22:41

  • Pam K.
    06/10/2017 22:31

    He...MIGHT!!??!! Really Comey!!!

  • Walter B.
    06/10/2017 12:14

    The man can barely even spit out the word "integrity" with a straight face

  • Drew V.
    06/10/2017 01:10

    I don't know who's worse... Trump, or the people believing his bullshit.

  • Brendy M.
    06/09/2017 23:54

    Thank God Comey documented everything because he is accusing him today of lying. He is saying that he never asked you to pledge for loyalty.

  • Lavinia H.
    06/09/2017 23:29

    You did the right thing , Document!!

  • Samantha S.
    06/09/2017 23:17

    Araceli Ruiz get em' Comey!!

  • Donna T.
    06/09/2017 20:37

    Just a matter of time....

  • Akeya R.
    06/09/2017 19:46


  • Ehab H.
    06/09/2017 18:20


  • Parker A.
    06/09/2017 18:10

    In other words he didn't trust him.

  • Mike D.
    06/09/2017 18:03

    What a slimy toad this guy is, then leaks private memos of his meetings with the president to the press and keeps quiet about it.

  • Christopher P.
    06/09/2017 17:35

    lol what's really pathetic is that out of all the things Comey said that put everything you people have been accusing Trump of to rest... you focus on him saying he made records of his conversations? What about the part where he committed treason by being the leaker? Or what about the part where he said he wasn't pressured by Trump to drop the investigation but that he was pressured to drop the Clinton investigation and not even call it one? lol so instead of having even a ounce in integrity, you asshats continue as if nothing has changed. Well it has changed stupid. He's not getting impeached. Enjoy the next 7 years. You cucks are never winning another election.

  • Joe R.
    06/09/2017 15:15

    Yes, but you covered up proof of Hillary Clinton's discrepancies. And you trusted Obama because you sir have the same agenda for our country.

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