ICE Plans to Deport Mother Recovering From Cancer

His mother's cancer is now in remission. But she's also now been in ICE custody for over two months. Now, he's fighting to stop her from being deported.

Making a nationwide call for her release

ICE is deporting his mother, who is recovering from cancer. Cristian Padilla Romero's mother, Tania Romero, has stage 4 oral cancer. She’s also been in ICE custody for over 2 months. Now, she is facing deportation to Honduras. Romero started a petition and the hashtag #ReleaseTaniaNow to share her story. They left Honduras when he was 7. He is also undocumented but protected by his DACA status. He is now a doctoral student at Yale University.

“It's heartbreaking. I don't know whether word. You know, like any son or daughter would feel it from whether is going through something like this. I mean, I. Yeah. Like I said, I feel like I fear her potential death. I mean, I fear her health declined severely, which for someone like her could mean that. She wouldn't be able to receive any significant care there. And so, it would. Yeah, it's we expect if that does happen to her health to decline and then not be able to receive any sort of adequate care. She was diagnosed in late 2016 with the oral cancer. They grew very rapidly, grew into stage four, which is what prompted it like a very immediate I don't know if emergency surgery, which basically cut across the backside of her left neck to the other side. So, she still so she lost a lot of tissue and the skin in general limiting her mobility. And then she received that radiation and chemotherapy for the following months. So, then there's also a shift that I think that in sort of an emphasis on holding people detained for as long as possible, it seems, because it's also business,” Romero tells Brut.

Her children are making a nationwide call for her release – scared she won’t be able to get the treatment she still needs in her native home of Honduras. Romero's children says Elwyn Lopez their mom has always fought to give them a better life – helping one get into a PhD program at Yale. Now they’re fighting for her.


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    Good morning

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    In the mighty name of Jesus be Heal

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    11/03/2019 07:19

    Stupid country . 😢

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    Everybody's got problems sorry about yours but the millennials got to go on Facebook and wine to the whole world so what you want some money you're a young man D up and handle your problems instead of whining on Facebook I got problems of my own and I don't go on Facebook and wine

  • Brut
    11/04/2019 16:00

    "[Cristian Padilla Romero's] mother is in remission. But, as a result of her cancer and chemotherapy treatments, she cannot open her mouth more than a few inches and has trouble eating."

  • Ladonna M.
    5 days

    Sorry bubba but she's gotta be deported means she's not leagal not our place to take care of her with stage 4 cancer I am sure she has other family back home

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    Wow, y'all came here illegally... Meaning, you skipped over a line of people that can and have waited years, and thanks to your selfishness, someone who was trying to become legal will have to wait longer. That could very well mean that someone who was also ill, will have to wait longer for a Visa number to become available. Your mother wasn't ill when you came here, she could have done things legally, but she chose the selfish way. Now, you want the other people to support your mothers selfish, self centered, lawlessness. Nah. Also, DACA is not a path to legal status. You will not be legal, unless you leave and do things legally. All DACA does is allow you to work for 2 years at a time and it can be denied or revoked at any time.

  • Ashley B.
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    Regardless of the situation whether she’s legal or not PROPER medical attention should be given. But... our own women don’t receive proper medical care in prison. Many women who have nearly bled to death because of giving birth in prison and all of them are shackles to hospital beds to deliver as well. They don’t receive proper care for their monthly cycle either. Welcome to America... that American dream is a lie