• Monique R.
    10/16/2020 05:34

    And if you were born at toward the end of the 20th century and survived up through now, you would have witnessed the crack epidemic plaguing the US of the 80s... would have seen the Challenger Space Shuttle explode right before your eyes, been around to see the very first internet connection for regular home use through dial up, witnessed the first cordless telephone that would eventually lead to the cell phone, that lead to the smartphone, which is no longer just a phone, but a compass, a computer and a camera among other things... seen the last war of the 20th century called Desert Storm... been one of very few human beings that saw the millennia change over to 2000 from 1999-- witnessed airplanes fly into the some of the largest structures in human history, The World Trade Center, lay waste killing apprx 3,000 people. Saw the first Black president get elected to office in the United States - the most powerful nation in the modern world. Witnessed the fastest humans ever in recorded history demonstrate these abilities, starting with Flo Jo whose record is still untouched-- seen the fastest man on land Usain Bolt top his fastest speeds and breaking and achieving his own world record-- witnessed the fasted man in water , Micheal Phelps win the most medals in a single Olympics. Seen the most decorated gymnast in human history Simone Biles collect the most medals ever in her sport. Lived through the next viral plague to emerge in human history capable of wiping out millions of people, Covid 19 - you yourself may be a survivor. Saw the greatest transfer of wealth in human history happen right before your eyes caused by the crash of 2008. And last, but something I certainly will never forget, witness a new 21st century inquisition that says that a man can also be a woman because "he feels like it" effectively erasing "woman" with the intention of making her a thing of legend.

  • Carmen S.
    07/22/2020 20:34

    And we think that we have it bad

  • Teri R.
    07/14/2020 23:44

    A person born in 1900

  • Bryan P.
    07/05/2020 18:40

    All those times, there were no internet. People dont have radio, tv, nor cellphone. If you were born in Gen San, you wont even have the slightest idea what was going on this whole time in other parts of the world... So, what would you complain about if you didn’t see, hear or experience it??? Actually, during those times people were complaining a lot. That’s basically the reason why there were so many deaths - they were complaining a lot. Because of the happenings. they developed depression, PTSD, and severe anxiety. They got thrown to gas chambers, they got fed to tigers, they got shot blindfolded, they got hanged, they got.... etc etc. But then again, if you were born in Gen San, you were prolly just basking in a river somewhere having a good time, and eating guava. I, myself do not complain wearing masks, but it is kinda stupid to make this analogy. I’m just saying. 😜

  • Nigel L.
    07/01/2020 16:48

    makes you think

  • Charlee P.
    06/28/2020 05:34

    my grandfather, Martin Bjur, was born in 1900...and my great aunt, Myrna Folsom Estes, was born in 1899...I I think of them living these years and what they lived through...

  • Sitara J.
    06/27/2020 15:47


  • Danny H.
    05/20/2020 00:29

    this what I was talking bout last time

  • Luis A.
    05/19/2020 06:22

    16 million American service members died? I think they got that fact wrong haha

  • Matt G.
    05/19/2020 05:28

    16 million servicemen how can such a massive factual error not be noticed

  • Maria G.
    05/18/2020 20:18


  • Arturo C.
    05/17/2020 20:49

    Alex Rigo if we were all born 100 years earlier lmao

  • Yoshita S.
    05/17/2020 16:29

    Noticed something funny?

  • Pat L.
    05/17/2020 06:43

    I'm 84yrs, an I remember all that you say, and heard the rest from my mom, who was born 1918, so this is great and we will survive the virus.

  • Victor S.
    05/16/2020 11:48

    Pretty sure closer to half a million Americans died in World War 2, and not 16 million as stated.

  • Brody K.
    05/16/2020 07:32

    just watch.

  • Martha V.
    05/15/2020 22:32

    Oh my god!!!! Amazing

  • Mike R.
    05/15/2020 19:27

    My Grandfather Robert E. Clark, dad to my mother, was born in 1900 so it was always easy to remember how old he was! He lived until he was 95, dying from a combination of Stroke, pneumonia and then a major heart attack... he was mentally sharp until the last couple years. As head of the local bank he helped many businesses survive the depression by being very creative with the bank’s ability to provide loans and not foreclose on other types of loans, saving many from financial ruin, as I learned from his many friends when his funeral was held and they took turns standing and recounting the many things he had done for them and their families through out the years. I had just bought a new video recorder in 1995 which I took to his service but I thought it would be inappropriate to use it and chickened out, leaving it under my chair... Oh, how I deeply regret not having recorded his wonderful service to be able to share with my children and grandchildren so they could have appreciated the very special person their Great Grandfather was and hear about all the good things he did for so many. I never heard him swear or get angry. Despite all the hardships he survived, he was always ready to help anyone in need... i was very blessed to have known him! ❤️ Mike

  • Jimmy L.
    05/15/2020 17:43

    You idiots used WWII stock footage for WWI. The helmets and caps are totally wrong for WWI in one of the bits of film you used

  • Isaac H.
    05/15/2020 17:25

    look at this and put our lives into perspective