• Darin J.
    07/16/2017 00:47

    You reap what you sow, remember these are the words the country America God was built on

  • Kevin S.
    07/15/2017 17:58

    Please call them Native Americans not Indians.

  • Tuan V.
    07/15/2017 15:40

    So i just took history C 170 and 175. And i just wished that Mrs Karelyn Aman and Mr Mujtaba Mahmud take time to study it. Just imagine someone entering your home without an invitation, eat your food, sleep in your bed and put you out in the back yard, but then, kick you out of your own backyard, because your intruders like to start growing their own garden. Your intruders became extremely wealthy off your land. You on the other hand has become homeless, marginalized and dehumanized, and now you are telling me that those who victimized you shouldn't have the decency to give you aid. We live in a great country that was founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all. The right thing to do is make amends for the travesty we brought on them. American Indians has accepted the fact that you are living in his house, eating his food and drove them from their ancestral home and decimated some tribes to a few hundred and cause extinction to other. The least we can do is give them a meaningful health care system that could ease their suffering. I'm heartbroken to hear so unempathetic opinions

  • Frederick T.
    07/15/2017 15:27

    Omg some of these statements are the worst uncompassionate comments ive heard in awhile

  • Michael W.
    07/15/2017 13:56

    watch this

  • Suzanne S.
    07/15/2017 11:01

    They want to be their own nation they should take care of themselves.

  • Kent B.
    07/15/2017 07:44


  • Angela G.
    07/15/2017 03:53

    Excellent advocacy! 👏👏👏 You can't be a do gooder and not expect to be held accountable.

  • Roy N.
    07/15/2017 01:54

    with people like Bernie and pretend Indian Elizabeth Warren sticking up for them , they are so screwed. they own vast amounts of land, but just like little children, their land is held in trust by the govt. The BIA and BIE (affairs and education) are prime examples of Bernie style governmant- horribly innefficient and very counter productive. the Indians are wealthy but the feds prevent them from practicing (trigger warning) Capitalism

  • Ib Z.
    07/15/2017 01:06

    Trump team is full of dumbass

  • Mujtaba M.
    07/14/2017 23:14

    So then do we get Indian healthcare for actual Indians? ( The one's Columbus actually wanted to find ;) )

  • Karelyn A.
    07/14/2017 21:56

    Not sure why Native Americans need different heath services than the rest of us. Am I missing something.

  • Kura L.
    07/14/2017 21:37

    This is what should have happened to Betsy Devos.

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