Indiana Dad Arrested After Video Shows Toddler With Gun

A shocking incident occurred in an apartment complex when a four-year-old child was seen waving around a loaded gun in the hallway.

Indiana does not have any laws that mandate gun owners to lock their firearms

According to reports, neighbors called 911 after seeing the child alone with the weapon. When police arrived on the scene, the child's father, 45-year-old Shane Osborn, initially denied owning a gun. However, after conducting a search of the apartment, police found the weapon hidden under a television in the living room. Osborn admitted to not knowing the child had left the apartment with the gun.
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The incident raises questions about gun safety and regulations in the state of Indiana. The state currently does not require residents to register firearms and has no laws requiring gun owners to lock their firearms. As a result of the incident, Osborn was arrested for neglect of a dependent and the child was released to his mother.
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