Interview: Donald Neely on controversial Texas arrest

"The dude that shot those people in Walmart got treated better than me." Donald Neely, a Black homeless man, was tied to a rope and walked to a police station by mounted officers in Texas in a controversial video. He told Brut why he filed a lawsuit.

11/18/2020 5:30 PM


  • Geraldine O.
    02/04/2021 19:17


  • Anita B.
    11/22/2020 03:28

    They had to of known in their heart of hearts that this was a bad decision on multiple levels and for everyone involved voluntarily and involuntarily. I have a hard time comprehending how they could have had one iota of thought that this wa sa "GOOD IDEA" Really did they bang their heads before they got up and lost all sense of compassion kindness. There is absolutely no consideration shown here. .maybe there is but it's more for their own entertainment... I'm among myself up this shit pisses me off I want to know that these two people were charged for their inhumane and Indecent actions towards this man.

  • Lee M.
    11/22/2020 02:58

    I love texas

  • Carol D.
    11/21/2020 05:19

    Absolutely disgusted, Texas sounds like they are still in the 1800 era. Time to get civilized , act civilize and treat EVERYONE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT...NO other civilized country is as backward as this ....And if this were a white man??...ahhh different story ..And the cop should be FIRED Trump style what a sick society.

  • Tony T.
    11/20/2020 14:29


  • Leo M.
    11/20/2020 06:42

    i think lts the cop that is mentally ill. so sad. what kind of police training or education these cops have.

  • Richard M.
    11/20/2020 02:27

    Get over it he's a criminal looking for a pay day

  • Jailen P.
    11/20/2020 02:07

    When they said this was the same road they marched slaves down it all made since...smh

  • Alexander A.
    11/19/2020 22:57


  • Hugo F.
    11/19/2020 18:01

    How often do cops call other cops over? This officer couldve easily called in a patrol car to pick him up. This was a display and nothing more.

  • Gangadhar S.
    11/19/2020 15:48

    Humanity at high risk.

  • D G.
    11/19/2020 15:47

    this is slavery and humiliation

  • Brian G.
    11/19/2020 14:48

    Incarsarate the horse and rider they are both committing a crime against humanity....

  • Tony R.
    11/19/2020 14:30

    The old plantation mentality still exists in Texas.

  • Gary C.
    11/19/2020 12:24

    I can't believe they thought, at any point, this was ok. At least get off the horse and walk with him of no car available??

  • Reg S.
    11/19/2020 11:22

    Mentally Deficient, disgrace to the many good Police officers and i am being controlled and polite ..

  • Andy H.
    11/19/2020 11:06

    It's like a scene from Django. Surely they could radio for a car.

  • Bianca J.
    11/19/2020 11:02

    I dunno why but those yt ppl sure are crazy

  • Joachim P.
    11/19/2020 10:17

    heel mooi gefimd, respect voor de regiseur

  • LupĂ© M.
    11/19/2020 08:05

    Even her partner said this is gonna look bad đŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€Ź

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