• Cameron M.
    06/02/2017 21:27

    I like how he switches between accents when it's an English word

  • Ryan M.
    06/02/2017 21:37

    Obama administration ruined this country

  • Billy K.
    06/02/2017 23:14

    You mean you people can get stuff done they want to do without the government. Now the liberals really have come up with a novel idea 😂😂

  • Brad S.
    06/02/2017 23:16

    I was honestly going to tag @surely this will stop donald trump, but it looks like this might actually stop Donald Trump's idiocy.

  • Wendy T.
    06/02/2017 23:31

    How do we donate

  • Cole B.
    06/02/2017 23:40


  • Brayan L.
    06/03/2017 00:31

    Eric Garcia

  • Jacob H.
    06/03/2017 00:44

    Hey man, I'm bored and I don't really want a job. Hey I know what we can do! We can start our own funding page ny saying we will plant 1 tree for every dollar amount donation to fight Donald trump! By George that's amazing! Let us go be liberals and do this. (Thats how I imagine the conversation went when planning this)

  • John H.
    06/03/2017 01:15

    I'm sure if you were to sit and ask what exactly we were paying for in the accord. He wouldn't be able to list more than two things

  • Lea G.
    06/03/2017 01:20

    I would never DONATE to something called Trump Forest!! Change the name!

  • Blaze G.
    06/03/2017 02:01

    With enough trees planted, trump will be impeached in no time!

  • Nolan G.
    06/03/2017 02:24

    It starts out by saying..."these two activists". If they were activists they would have been doing this before and saying they were doing it for a just cause and not because it's an anti Trump movement. But good job guys!

  • Mack E.
    06/03/2017 03:22

    Omg maybe get off your butt and plant your own trees!!

  • Nicholas W.
    06/03/2017 03:38

    Why is this not called Forrest Trump!? Big opportunity missed.

  • Connor K.
    06/03/2017 03:43

    As someone whose job it is to literally kill thousands of baby trees a day, I would say to these guys just give up ur not "making a difference". What they try to do for money is nothing compared to what nature does in a year and it does it for free. They might as well be taking buckets of sand to the desert. And oh it's climate change now I guess this 50 year cooling period we will soon b entering wasn't working to well with the global warming title.

  • Kevin M.
    06/03/2017 03:49

    So you pretty much showing him that we can be green w/o goverment help. "Oh yeah thatll show him " 😂😂😂

  • Jason W.
    06/03/2017 05:11

    Meanwhile 14,000 people die DAILY from drinking polluted water.

  • Doug A.
    06/03/2017 10:32

    Mahalo & Aloha. We r all one.

  • Aaron B.
    06/03/2017 13:34

    Good luck retards lol

  • Dallas P.
    06/03/2017 13:35

    Michaela Elizabeth we literally had this conversation yesterday