• Maritza K.
    01/04/2018 13:44

    Yes, this is laughable and is absurde and also fake news there is no way in hell that trump will get another 4 .OH HELL NOOO........

  • Anh C.
    08/08/2017 23:59

    getting house of cards vibes 😱😱

  • Ranee R.
    08/08/2017 22:52

    I love it

  • Robert E.
    08/08/2017 22:12

    Kamala Harris is no dictator she will just be another Obama but i think we need better than Obama though

  • Chris L.
    08/08/2017 21:26

    Can't stand this bitch

  • Michael L.
    08/08/2017 21:13


  • EighEigh R.
    08/08/2017 20:40

    Does any of this really matter? Pence will be President by 2019 anyway.

  • Mari L.
    08/08/2017 20:31

    Yeah alright so the Russians all over are going to mess with the polls

  • Syn-Ziegler A.
    08/08/2017 20:23

    It shouldn't come as a surprise. He is the vice president who does nothing to try and stop from trump in anything. Just sides with him, signs and votes for his legislations. Trump has the lowest approval rating, I think in history, if not pretty damn close. But people bought trump and his lies and will buy Pence's as well. The sad part is, people are blaming democrats for losing. So what would it take for democrats to win against half a nation that wants to set America back 200 hundred years, if people don't listen and set aside their ignorances? Democrats will have go against everything progressive, humane, and even remotely ethical. Democrats will have to become just as bigoted and racist and homophobic as the republican party to win. So in 3 and half years we get pence or someone even worse than pence from the democrats, unless people wake up and vote a real leader who is for all Americans. Not just the white, straight, rich, hypocritical Christian fanatics. But I really dont see that happening. Took over a hundred years to get even this much equality and in 6 months most of it is already stripped away.

  • Sam G.
    08/08/2017 19:37

    the handmaids tale is coming!

  • William J.
    08/08/2017 19:29

    8 year? I'm hoping you don't finish 2 of your current 4.

  • Sean M.
    08/08/2017 19:29

    She looks slightly less meth'd out here what is going on

  • Justin P.
    08/08/2017 18:09

    Lol both going to prison

  • Layla H.
    08/08/2017 17:45


  • Trevor M.
    08/08/2017 17:39

    I think my dog has a better chance at beating trump at the next election.

  • Will M.
    08/08/2017 17:32

    This confirms that Conservatives are Sith 😂😂😂

  • Roberto R.
    08/08/2017 17:06

    Shows you how much loyalty there is between the republicans.

  • Danny L.
    08/08/2017 16:28

    Pence will be president before 2020 why would he want to run?

  • Stephanie P.
    08/08/2017 16:15

    All i can picture is the rainbow vomit filter when i see her talk

  • Nick G.
    08/08/2017 15:33

    The Republicans will continue to be the architects of their own destruction. Maybe we'll see new parties emerge as these two parties continue to lose support

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