• Terry C.
    05/10/2017 21:04

    Except this generation has a 2 minute attention span and this will all be forgotten in less than a week.

  • Frank P.
    05/10/2017 21:30

    Wasn't James Comey the guy that pardoned Hillary Clinton for her war crimes ? 😂

  • Christie F.
    05/10/2017 22:35

    Let's hopes so. Then trump can be impeached

  • Paolo M.
    05/10/2017 22:46


  • Victor L.
    05/10/2017 22:47

    The election part dsnt matter anymore, all I want is for trump to take this country to war so everything could go to shit

  • Jose C.
    05/10/2017 23:07

    Nancy Pelosi has said Comey “may not be the right man for the job.” •Harry Reid told reporters, “It’s time for Comey to resign” and demanded the Senate investigate him. •Barack Obama scolded Comey before the election, saying that the FBI shouldn’t “operate on innuendo.” •Jerry Nadler, a New York House Democrat, called on Obama to fire Comey before he left office. •Hillary Clinton has repeatedly blamed Comey for her embarrassing loss in November. •Maxine Waters has claimed Comey had “no credibility“ left. •Elizabeth Warren attacked Comey for investigating Hillary instead of focusing on Wall Street. •Bernie Sanders said that it “would not be bad thing for the American people” if Comey resigned.

  • Orlando M.
    05/11/2017 00:01

    I hope the story will have the same happy ending,"IMPEACHMENT "

  • Joe M.
    05/11/2017 00:36

    I wish this shit would stop showing up on my facebook. Its all stypid bullshit. Not everyone wants to see this stupid shit. Stop putting it on everyones facebook and only put it on the ones who believe this stupid shit.

  • Fernando C.
    05/11/2017 01:11

    Pence knew what he was doing when he accepted the VP post. lol

  • Brad J.
    05/11/2017 01:22

    You do realize the democratic party wanted Comey fired then when Trump did what they wanted, they changed their tune. If you watch the news you'd know this!! lol but of course you probably watch cnn and they didnt say anything about that

  • Dane-Ami F.
    05/11/2017 01:24

    Finally the corrupt Comey is gone!

  • Octavio C.
    05/11/2017 01:32

    Trump did it because he knew he could. The Russian thing is a made up narrative. He knows it, we know it. There's nothing to find.

  • Conor H.
    05/11/2017 02:10


  • John V.
    05/11/2017 02:36

    The FBI director has been fired twice. Once by Trump and very first time by President Clinton

  • Jeremy R.
    05/11/2017 02:37

    The left wanted Comey fired not to long ago for not holding back on Hillarys investigation anymore and now when Trump does it it's horrible and he has to be covering something up.. Trump even gave the guy a chance instead of firing him outright ... think people are just trying to find anything to accuse Trump of wrong doing

  • Steve B.
    05/11/2017 03:00


  • Anthony V.
    05/11/2017 03:06

    What about when bill Clinton did it?

  • Dakoda M.
    05/11/2017 04:10

    Funny how many dems change their tune now that they THINK comey had something against trump. They all called for his head when he investigated Clinton

  • Tyler C.
    05/11/2017 04:10


  • William L.
    05/11/2017 04:26

    This government has been falling apart since before our parents where even thought of