Joe Biden accepts Democratic nomination

"United we can, and will, overcome this season of darkness in America." In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden laid out his plan to battle Covid-19 and called on Americans to choose hope over fear.

08/21/2020 5:15 AMupdated: 08/21/2020 5:16 AM


  • Brandon C.
    09/12/2020 16:51


  • Eric Q.
    08/28/2020 01:26

    I dont trust you

  • Craig D.
    08/27/2020 17:57

    If we entrust him with the presidency he will draw on the constitution with crayons lol

  • Victor A.
    08/27/2020 14:30

    What a joke

  • Engr O.
    08/27/2020 10:47

    Plz my dream distance country man and woman, don't make mistake like a country call Nigeria, ...please go for realy man not a package one because u don't what is in it

  • Bambang R.
    08/27/2020 09:41

    Yes yes yes,vote Bidden/Harris 2020

  • Nathan A.
    08/27/2020 09:33

    I’m not even American ! But I wouldn’t trust this guy at all ! He seems dodgey and very untrustworthy 😐 absolutely no one should vote for this guy

  • Javier G.
    08/27/2020 04:18

    No thank you mr Biden I stay with trump. But thank you sir

  • Emma S.
    08/27/2020 03:42

    Onle way. Is that trump wins

  • Michael K.
    08/27/2020 02:27

    Take those masks and shove them in his pie hole

  • Bob J.
    08/26/2020 19:24

    Not a chance in hell

  • Joe D.
    08/26/2020 15:50

    For 50 years you have been a puppet and you are still a puppet old corrupt joe, god bless our hero president trump 2020

  • Anthony V.
    08/26/2020 10:55

    He gives no solution just bashes on Trump, his whole campaign is based off hate smh

  • Cindi S.
    08/25/2020 19:31

    47 Years in politics and you have a don't ship yet... No thanks

  • Greg J.
    08/25/2020 18:39

    Can’t chew his own food now

  • David K.
    08/25/2020 14:53


  • Carol S.
    08/25/2020 13:41

    Please bring back the light!!

  • Jairaj R.
    08/25/2020 05:13

    Hai loser. Wasting your time. Trump 2020💪💪💪💪💪✌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👍

  • Arunava D.
    08/25/2020 04:34

    Sir I Truss & Love All Human Being Of This World Since I Born To This Beautiful Earth For Service If People

  • Martin R.
    08/25/2020 01:31

    It's time to change your diaper

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