Joe Biden's Many, Many, Many Gaffes

Former Vice President Joe Biden mixed up his words a few times during Thursday night's debate. 😬 The 2020 frontrunner has been known for his frequent gaffes for decades.

09/13/2019 3:58 AMupdated: 09/13/2019 4:01 AM
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  • Azuwueze O.
    7 days

    Hes old take a break

  • Brad J.
    7 days


  • Steven O.
    7 days

    Creepy Biden has no chance lol

  • Eric L.
    7 days

    "frontrunner" 🤣

  • The M.
    7 days

    Focus people. Every democrat running is 1000 times better than a tRump.

  • Vince D.
    6 days


  • Brut
    6 days

    "Everybody's talking about how terrible I am on all these issues." Joe Biden was right — during the July debate, he was the target. 👀2

  • Rebwar D.
    6 days


  • Kit M.
    6 days

    But it's ok to have a President who has over 10,000 and counting. Joe may goof his words up but they aren't lies.

  • Lori S.
    6 days

    Trump has told 12K lies and counting...reads like a 3rd grader..Joe has more experience , intelligence and integrity in his big toe..

  • Mohammad F.
    6 days

    Well he was just a year early calling Bernie President 😉

  • Kim G.
    6 days

    Joe is PRIVILEGE. which he thinks makes him entitled to be Pres. Go sit down!

  • Kenton L.
    5 days


  • Dean V.
    5 days

    He trumpturd released a doctored doctors report on himself.... media want to re-elect Putin

  • Dan H.
    5 days

    Brutle, wow ?????

  • Peter R.
    5 days

    Elmer Fudd.

  • Maryann U.
    5 days

    He's a joke!

  • Al J.
    5 days

    Joe is a gaffe!

  • Raymond J.
    4 days

    What a moron except the 711 comment

  • Ron E.
    4 days

    Remember that obummer is still a crack smoking gay Muslim and Michael is a tranny.