John Bolton vs. Donald Trump: A timeline

John Bolton just released an explosive tell-all about his 17 months as President Trump's national security advisor. Here's a timeline of their turbulent relationship.

06/24/2020 8:02 PM


  • Gordon E.
    07/24/2020 19:54

    Trump is a goof!

  • Mohammad S.
    07/21/2020 14:21

    i don't like Trump as a person but i think not starting another war with countries already struggling is so cool of him.

  • Brenda S.
    07/21/2020 04:31

    Conversations with Donald Trump are highly classified. Hilarious. When conversing with 45 you need a Webster's Dictionary by your side lol

  • Mario A.
    07/20/2020 22:25

    So much bullsh*t.. he doesn’t get tired.. dump Trump the psychopath president 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Geoff P.
    07/20/2020 17:40

    If Trump and his cronies had nothing to hide they wouldn’t have tried to ban it.

  • Spartokarkar K.
    07/17/2020 12:02

    Acabo sociedade diabo. Perseguidores de inocentes é pra GUILHOTINA. JUSTIÇA🌍

  • Nick N.
    07/15/2020 15:09


  • Jerry P.
    07/13/2020 19:57

    If conversations with him are classified, if Trump has a conversation on camera with a reporter and says classified things, then Trump is allowed to say classified things to others and declassify them in public. So what he means is, I can say s#|t about you, but you can’t say s#|t about me because it classified😳🙄

  • Anette B.
    07/11/2020 23:18

    He blames everyone else

  • Luis C.
    07/11/2020 03:14

    The books proves the many times that Trump has betrayed the country

  • Ashley S.
    07/11/2020 02:36

    Wilbur Brimley can play him in the movie adaptation

  • Pete P.
    07/08/2020 15:50

    This week's liberal psychobabble propaganda BS Trump 20/20

  • Jonas J.
    07/08/2020 13:21


  • Timothy C.
    07/08/2020 02:30


  • Brad K.
    07/07/2020 23:32

    John could have ended this travisty....but he stayed silent to make money.... I hope his book hangs him.

  • Pamela J.
    07/06/2020 16:37

    trump can't negotiate for crap. North Korea knows what he is, told him what he wanted to hear, and never skipped a beat in expanding their nuclear capabilities. China played him for a fool on trade. Russia dangles him like a puppet.

  • Lou C.
    07/06/2020 07:58

    It makes You wonder how he made it in this World the man as lost the plot.

  • Robert M.
    07/05/2020 14:34

    Who ever hired Bolton should get fired

  • Sofiane A.
    07/03/2020 23:25

    Piece of garbage

  • Phillip D.
    07/02/2020 15:42

    What, trump thinks of leasder like Russia Korean and more he's looking for home in a Foreign country to hind

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