John Bolton vs. Donald Trump: A timeline

John Bolton just released an explosive tell-all about his 17 months as President Trump's national security advisor. Here's a timeline of their turbulent relationship.

06/24/2020 8:02 PM
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  • Jay R.
    2 days

    John Bolton knows it all.barr and Trump must go !!!

  • Kay T.
    2 days

    Bolton is a war monger hawk.

  • Dimas S.
    3 days

    Their's nothing ridiculous. About the John Bolton book It's recollection of conversations On national security with the president and its inner Circle Of advisers not everything concerning foreign policy was agreeable especially on north Korea which John Bolton thought it was a waste of time It's turning out he was right Propping disagreements between him and the president where it got to the point that they agree on anything the president knows this book will Reveal his inner thoughts that Could damage his re-election

  • Juan C.
    4 days

    Check this out smh

  • Oscar C.
    07/04/2020 08:56

    You don't have a highly classy conversation you don't know what that is trumpet😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ivan N.
    07/04/2020 07:26

    My times in “ good old USA “ person that was not respected was the one that lied ... a lier was at the bottom of social seems things have changed a lot,!

  • Khaled D.
    07/02/2020 19:15

    Kudos John Thank you for confirming the US citizen about this incompetent narcissist sitting in the White House ruining

  • Bub A.
    06/30/2020 21:48

    I don’t trust Bolton..he wants to bomb iran for his buddy bibi

  • Don S.
    06/30/2020 15:08

    All the best people!! Too much winning!!!

  • Thom P.
    06/29/2020 14:44


  • Sharron D.
    06/29/2020 09:20

    Yaaay it's out -- hope he doesn't get to stop the other one

  • Glo M.
    06/29/2020 02:43

    I guess that's why you have 'private' conversations with no record of the subject matter? Because they're classified? Why is it he gets away with that?

  • Sam O.
    06/28/2020 23:37

    Bolton is a traitor. Trump 2020

  • Leland Z.
    06/28/2020 22:34

    Now let's just imagine, what he really knows! Trumptardisom is not contagious!

  • Jimmy J.
    06/28/2020 20:53

    Look at him trying to think what to say not a clue clown

  • Frederick R.
    06/28/2020 20:25

    The difference is, Democrats seem to get rid of their turncoats. They all seem so overcome with shame they commit suicide! I’m sure it’s just coincidence!

  • John G.
    06/28/2020 17:56

    There's a very important statement made by Drumpf in this article. Where he says, that he perfers negotiations over military action. I found this very interesting, in that, Obama made the exact same statement over years and years and years of War over Negotiations via the Republicans way of doing things. Obama changed that scenerio. Now, here's Drumpf who "supposedly" Hates Obama. Doing it Obama's way. Plus Drumpf came selling his Trinkets just like Obama did. HA !

  • Ron W.
    06/28/2020 17:39

    If he is publishing information that could put national security at risk, then he should be blocked from publishing the book. As long as he writes the book in a manner that doesn’t compromise classified information, then I am fine with that.

  • Lawrence L.
    06/28/2020 17:13

    Trump is a bumbling idiot who does not know, nor is he interested in, international relations... led by his nose & acting tough & defiant whenever there’s a camera in the room. I guess old habits die hard for this TV reality president 🤣🤣

  • Biscello L.
    06/28/2020 15:50

    He cretead his own cahos with dictators trying to make him look tought. 🍊🐷