Judge Esther Salas speaks out after attack

Federal judge Esther Salas, whose son was slain and husband gravely wounded by a self-described "anti-feminist," has spoken out for the first time. She calls for greater protection of judges' privacy.

08/04/2020 6:30 PM


  • Michael M.
    10/08/2020 16:15

    So sorry for your loss

  • Ann P.
    10/08/2020 03:11

    My heart goes out to her! 😢

  • Andrea B.
    10/08/2020 02:43

    Very strong woman. No way should judges personal contact info be public.

  • Reena S.
    10/08/2020 02:29


  • Jay D.
    10/08/2020 01:59

    i really like what shes saying..we are not afraid of our identity..what will happen if we are afraid those monsters are enjoying thier crimes if we are afraid

  • Kate S.
    10/08/2020 00:54

    I TOTALLY support her!! 😢

  • Paula B.
    10/08/2020 00:24

    I’m to get tougher on crime very sorry for your loss

  • Elma D.
    10/07/2020 22:00

    What a strong woman

  • Joveria J.
    10/07/2020 18:20

    Prayers for the family

  • Candy P.
    10/07/2020 18:10

    This is so painful to know someone who's against your back 😔someone who moves in every single steps you take😭 she's really in fear. God protect her.

  • Terry E.
    08/28/2020 19:39

    President Trump is a law and order President. He will put criminals in prison and keep them their.

  • Don W.
    08/10/2020 10:46

    Unbelievable my heart goes out to you

  • দি শ.
    08/09/2020 17:59

    very sad.... 😢

  • Michael H.
    08/07/2020 02:16

    Really!?!?!? No mention of the epstein case, are you serious? You guys are ridiculous, there's something nefarious happening which is why you want judges to be protected.

  • Kathleen L.
    08/07/2020 02:15

    Supporting you. So sorry for the loss of your lovely son. You keep going. A lovely lady.

  • Nata L.
    08/06/2020 14:16

    Her only child?! You are a strong woman. God will give you strength to endure. Speedy recovery to your husband as well.

  • Salim N.
    08/06/2020 01:42

    May the lord rest his saoul in eternalpeace and atttain salvation

  • Karina R.
    08/06/2020 01:13

    She is very assertive and strong. 🙏🏽

  • Nicci D.
    08/05/2020 19:02

    So sorry there’s just no words

  • Hamish F.
    08/05/2020 13:49

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