• Ryan S.
    08/09/2020 13:16


  • Helas H.
    08/02/2020 18:57

    Another genetic from the randomly demonic sperm donors.....

  • Newa S.
    07/30/2020 07:16

    Lol after Donald , he is the next president 😂😂.. wat a joke

  • Muhith R.
    07/28/2020 15:41

    This is like movie Idiocracy...

  • Subhabrata B.
    07/28/2020 14:28

    America don’t make ur country again a joke ...

  • Kalpana K.
    07/27/2020 09:18

    Kim fully clothed in public appearances.. ???

  • Akhil F.
    07/27/2020 00:34

    Kanye 4 President <3

  • Champ K.
    07/26/2020 00:57

    First of all president with that haircut and a gold teeth grillz. Is he formally aware that no presidency around the world with such ornaments present in th face of society. So, let me guess let say he becomes a president and attending to world talk presenting America with that kinda dress code blinks with full of colors like mentally not stable. Other world leaders with formal dresses code be like is America ok😅

  • Amar C.
    07/25/2020 22:49

    Headless chicken

  • Shivansh D.
    07/25/2020 19:38

    He ruined his every chance

  • Yo-Hong W.
    07/25/2020 15:43

    Basically I can smell riots with a slogan blacklivesmatter. Exactly like rioters gang leader speech😂

  • Arthantar P.
    07/25/2020 14:23

    I am gonna save a day just to laugh to Americans if he becomes the president

  • Jonathan S.
    07/25/2020 11:17

    Kanye west needs to know about real black history because he’s saying the wrong things about black people .

  • Vaibhav R.
    07/25/2020 08:34

    After seeing this i feel any mumbo jumbo can run for POTUS in USA 😂😝

  • Noyonika R.
    07/24/2020 19:15

    Ajai Ramana Ravichandran idk about you, but my man here seems kinda funny to me xD

  • Apurva K.
    07/24/2020 08:29

    since u only watch

  • Dhritiman S.
    07/24/2020 05:49

    Bi polar disorder for sure

  • Navjot S.
    07/23/2020 23:20

    GREAT HEADLINE BUT .... YOU FORGOT TO MENTION ..... NO BRAIN NO SANITY TOO ..😂 Honestly dude needs help . 😑

  • Ankita T.
    07/23/2020 18:59

    Wtf is wrong with kenya west?

  • Glenn S.
    07/23/2020 16:45

    O lord

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