Karens, explained

She has a sassy haircut and would like to speak to the manager – or the police. Meet Karen, a popular though controversial character and meme of 2020.

07/07/2020 1:30 PM
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  • Tammie T.
    3 days


  • Leanne S.
    6 days

    Ok Karen 😂😂

  • Noah M.
    7 days

    Is sad to see this, this Karen wants to be with a black guy. Wow. Ok we try 2 understand what you telling. Ok

  • Sarah C.
    08/05/2020 21:24

    Okay we should have a sha nay nay meme what about a Shaneqkwa?

  • Isaac C.
    08/04/2020 20:17

    Even the ignorant old dilapidated racists pos dudes are Karen’s to me!!!

  • Cahyaning W.
    08/04/2020 09:37

    No kids of genz z will be named karen

  • Mary G.
    08/03/2020 17:48

    It not correct to blame Kate with this type of behavior. You have never raised 8 small children with out a husband. I would have acted worse. Her kids are grown beautiful an doing very well. She did something right

  • Stacy R.
    08/03/2020 06:47

    I know two Karens and they are great and not the meme Karen XD

  • Darryl M.
    08/02/2020 06:35

    In the restaurant industry I’ve using the term Karen for well over a decade now It did not start on Twitter

  • Spyronic V.
    08/01/2020 10:59


  • Joe N.
    08/01/2020 10:12

    What if your really nice person and your name is really Karen?

  • Jamie T.
    07/31/2020 15:08

    In the world when sissy Karens gone crazy

  • Aljona H.
    07/31/2020 13:43


  • Gloriana S.
    07/31/2020 12:39

    That would actually make the Real stéréotypes karen chill!

  • Anna C.
    07/30/2020 21:30

    Theres a black twitter?!

  • Christine H.
    07/30/2020 10:30

    Why don’t people just call them out for what they are. RUDE or Bitchie and that can be applied to women of all skin colour all over the world and then inturn couldn’t be used as a racist slur.

  • Gary W.
    07/30/2020 04:34

    So what is a black woman who defaced a stupid blm mural called?

  • Paul S.
    07/30/2020 01:44

    And they ALL need to get laid. Check your veggie crisper, beeyotches.

  • Jess M.
    07/29/2020 17:43

    Karen is no where near a racial slur. Karen’s making everything about racism.

  • Elizabeth V.
    07/29/2020 07:30


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