Keeping up with Saint Louis

"The days have been calm and the nights have been destructive." The Mayor of St Louis spoke out 3 days after the events started in the city.

09/18/2017 12:00 AM


  • Iv E.
    09/20/2017 20:08

    Arrest is good, killing not.

  • James M.
    09/20/2017 03:05

    The truth is.... These people are not going to do anything big, they don't want to die... But the youth observing will take it go the next level

  • Jeremiah W.
    09/19/2017 22:57

    Crazy bitch

  • Alana W.
    09/19/2017 19:54

    Destruction of property is clearly more important than the unjust murder of a Black person to this city.

  • Kristopher L.
    09/19/2017 19:00

    No justice, no peace.

  • Brie W.
    09/19/2017 18:29

    If they stopped focusing on peaceful vs. non peaceful protesting and focused on WHY PEOPLE ARE PROTESTING we'd get a lot more done. Using civilian caused destruction as a white out for why people feel there's no other option should be more intolerable​.

  • Abdas S.
    09/19/2017 18:26

    I hope they keep doing it too see its the only way people will listen

  • Denise T.
    09/19/2017 18:24

    What about the police officer that broke a store window for no reason. Report that too.

  • Ash S.
    09/19/2017 18:01

    Because people like you refer to them as animals when they break windows, but call the cops that execute them without a trial heroes.

  • Tobias S.
    09/19/2017 17:48

    People on here condoning the destruction these animals are causing cause .......,

  • Dan C.
    09/19/2017 17:40

    Just have to feel bad for all the small business owners who keep having to deal with this. This case does look like straight BS though. But if other judges don't agree with the verdict can't they file an appeal? Instead of BLM protesting and all this why not use funds to battle it legally?

  • Michael S.
    09/19/2017 17:38

    Seriously.... stop excusing murder, put these cops in jail for life. If nothing is done there will be war.

  • Brittaney D.
    09/19/2017 16:21

    I think the main thing about the destructive portions of these movements when nessary should be targeted... do not destroy private property or businesses. Aim at public or government assets. That way the system looses, not the people.

  • Eric W.
    09/19/2017 16:21

    Start holding murderers with badges accountable...there will be no destruction

  • Jesus C.
    09/19/2017 16:17

    She is right... how are you going to accomplish anything destroying stuff?? I mean really?

  • Clark S.
    09/19/2017 16:17

    No bitch. This isn’t about “work” to be done, or “opportunities”. This is about *your government* letting murderers go free because they’re cops, and their victims don’t look like you. If you won’t listen before it comes to violence and destruction, then I guess you’ll get violence and destruction.

  • Charlie S.
    09/19/2017 15:47

    If we took away guns from cops our country would turn into Britain and then all of yall would be screaming for cops to do more.

  • Guenter K.
    09/19/2017 15:05

    People don't buy the Bla Bla Bla any more. Enough is Enough ! If you don't get it you will see it. It will be more and more violent. Mark my words.

  • Raine J.
    09/19/2017 14:45

    Destruction can't be tolerated but murder can! Gotcha!👌🏾. Smmfh

  • Lauren L.
    09/19/2017 14:22

    And neither can the killing of my black brothers and sisters,that my dear is what can not be tolerated. Law enforcement will not stop until they see Rodney king riots or the black panther party reinstated. ✊🏾✊🏾

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