Keeping up with Saint Louis

"The days have been calm and the nights have been destructive." The Mayor of St Louis spoke out 3 days after the events started in the city.

09/18/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Genaro G.
    09/18/2017 19:34


  • Josh G.
    09/18/2017 19:59

    No justice no peace!

  • Andy K.
    09/18/2017 20:04

    lets fight destruction with destruction. great idea.

  • Mitch C.
    09/18/2017 20:11

    Only state sanctioned destruction is fine.

  • Eddie-b A.
    09/18/2017 20:12

    They need better management of their cops killing innocent ppl. Only in America #guiltytillproveninnocent i guess

  • Thee B.
    09/18/2017 20:23

    She need to be talkn to the police about that

  • Jeffrey T.
    09/18/2017 20:49

    We all know they don't have Jobs to go to. We need to start protesting the lazy black community facts

  • Camilo C.
    09/18/2017 21:13

    Destruction can't be tolerated, unless it's the destruction of black lives. That's fully tolerable, apparently.

  • Hannah M.
    09/18/2017 21:16

    Destruction for your negligence

  • Pedro A.
    09/18/2017 21:24

    Siempre uno con el otro 😂😂�guez

  • Ashley A.
    09/18/2017 21:52

    Maybe stop acquitting cops of murder

  • Carlos A.
    09/18/2017 22:01

    todo por un policia rasista que lo proteje un sistema rasista 😡

  • Ian M.
    09/18/2017 22:03

    "Destruction cannot be tolerated." Ok, then HOW ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK BODIES, ASSHOLE??

  • De M.
    09/18/2017 22:10

    The issue I have with this is Peaceful protest = nothing done about the situation and they get ignored Violent protest= look at those niggers, they're so violent & destructive why can't they do a peaceful protest. Either way nothing gets done. After calmly speaking to someone and feeling like you aren't getting heard eventually you're going to start to raise your voice to make sure they heard you loud and clear.

  • Shuayb M.
    09/18/2017 22:11

    But destroying my black brothers and sisters can be tolerated?

  • Joseph W.
    09/18/2017 22:31

    How about: DON'T arrest them, and give up your Goddamn job to someone who's more qualified!! I honestly don't care about destruction of property when it comes to police; I HATE police!! They are nothing but a bunch of ignorant thugs in uniform who should be held accountable for EVERYTHING they do, ESPECIALLY when it comes to handling suspects!!! I honestly don't care anymore!!! America, your police suck, and I will NOT have you racially profile suspects just for your own personal and financial gain!!! I hope y'all get EXACTLY what you deserve!!!

  • Taqwan C.
    09/18/2017 22:56

    Neither can the killing of innocent people by cops who believe they are above the law, but where is your press conference about that

  • T.r. S.
    09/18/2017 22:58

    Destruction is the voice of those who have been ignored for two long. People have been telling the folks in power that our police system is fucked for (at least) 50 years. If you can't secure people's human rights after 50 years, they have every right to get angry, and their violence is absolutely understandable. When our national heroes say give me liberty or give me death, we applaud, but god forbid a black person take up the same mantra.

  • Giselle H.
    09/18/2017 23:11

    We can't tolerate injustice either

  • Jeff S.
    09/18/2017 23:27

    Ummmm.. No. That city should burn to the ground.