Kellyanne Conway's arguments

On a scale from "HUH..." to "WHAAAT?!" how would you rate Kellyanne Conway's arguments?

07/13/2017 8:00 PM
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  • Christina Q.
    07/13/2017 20:31

    I don't understand why we're still talking about hillary when she isn't the president............

  • Randall F.
    07/13/2017 22:38


  • Tim N.
    07/13/2017 22:40

    Barf 🤢

  • Joe A.
    07/13/2017 23:05

    im lovin it -still butthurt

  • Steve N.
    07/13/2017 23:10

    you are floating down the River of Denial. You have Kool-aid coming out your ears. You need to realize what a joke you've turned yourself into.

  • Devin W.
    07/13/2017 23:14

    You would think someone in the White House could find someone to check hair and makeup...she literally looks like she crawled out of a dumpster 💩

  • Janette G.
    07/14/2017 00:34

    OMG I don't even listen to that loon anymore.

  • Clint B.
    07/14/2017 00:41

    Every time the news comes up with BS and start to get upset I just think President Hillary Clinton. I instantly feel better TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • Hugo R.
    07/14/2017 01:02

    Inher defense, this is how they coach POTUS on what to say every day 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Stacy H.
    07/14/2017 01:18

    I would rate them "lay off the benzos"... good ness she looks medicated af.

  • Ben M.
    07/14/2017 01:22

    i dont get it the argument is trump colluded with russia to tell the truth abought hillery? i dont even like the guy but cant blame him if they went hey look at these factual emails lol

  • Charlie C.
    07/14/2017 01:25

    What's wrong with this dude?

  • Waseem K.
    07/14/2017 01:31

    This bitch makes a real witch look like a model lol

  • James A.
    07/14/2017 01:32

    What a complete dumb blubbering idiot

  • David O.
    07/14/2017 01:33

    But clintons emails!

  • Agung P.
    07/14/2017 02:03


  • Walt M.
    07/14/2017 02:30

    GO TRUMP AND TEAM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Martin C.
    07/14/2017 02:50

    This lady is completely out of Touch. No political experience. Not only that, she doesn't even know about current events. Your boss can blunder and, you try to defend him or her by making reference on past history. Not this Lady. When I see her face, it reminds me of Solid Gold.

  • Magdalena K.
    07/14/2017 02:55

    This bs spouted here is such beyond proportion... so not worth even discussing. The only entertainment I find watching this Housewife of the White House face is guessing how much Botox or other fillers had to be used at various times of her bs-on-tv performances... Boy, has facelift intervention technology improved! I wander if it was Mika's doctor.

  • Robert M.
    07/14/2017 03:04

    Sad thing about her is 38% of the f****** country is batshit crazy like her