• J C.
    07/29/2017 12:01

    I wouldn't pee on KC even if she was on fire

  • Don S.
    07/24/2017 01:38


  • Kate L.
    07/21/2017 22:34

    A lot of big words for a very small mind.....

  • Dori D.
    07/21/2017 22:29

    No. You are just a hag. Period.

  • Christian I.
    07/20/2017 13:12

    White ppl think every type of discrimination happens besides racial. It's really weird

  • Nevin S.
    07/20/2017 08:42

    This is a democratically elected president- You disgusting lefties lost an election- get over it- The left corrupt media has been hostile toward Trump from before he took office- THE FOLK SUPPORTING LEFT WING BIASED MEDIA ARE DISGRACEFUL YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES

  • Robert G.
    07/20/2017 05:53

    Go Kellyanne! You are a strong and successful lady! What other women campaign managers successfully got their candidate to the top, as President! Keep up the good work! We got your back... And yes, we remember how Sarah Palin was treated, Betsy Devos, Melania, Ivanka.... yup, these tough liberals resorted to these gender focused attacks. You won, they didnt! Their delicate snowflake feelings are still hurt.... Maybe you can talk to the President, and see if some safe-spaces can be created in US-Govt buildings, for these hurt snowflakes. Get some puppies and coloring books in those safe spaces for them.... I heard it works on college campuses for snowflakes-in-training! Go Trump! Your best accomplishment yet, you kept Hillary out, and, you will get a couple more SCOTUS picks. You 'da man!!

  • Maggie C.
    07/19/2017 22:41

    She is such a prat!! It's what comes out of her mouth that people criticise!!

  • Tom C.
    07/19/2017 20:08

    she is a piece of crap, and needs flushed

  • Kendra N.
    07/19/2017 20:00

    No honey. Everyone hates you because your a liar and a conartist promoting a fascist dictators propaganda.

  • Joseph J.
    07/19/2017 18:59

    Damn it Nicole Simpson you beat me to the punch

  • Zack L.
    07/19/2017 18:16

    Its funny cuz she thinks she human

  • Dawn B.
    07/19/2017 18:14

    I'm a woman and i thknk youre a moron. There goes your inane theory.

  • Sean C.
    07/19/2017 18:13

    Kelly Man Cons in Ways

  • Pat D.
    07/19/2017 18:01

    no its not. Idiot isn't a gender based comment

  • Constantin Y.
    07/19/2017 17:35

    When a woman is deeply stupid is it gender-biaised to claim that she is a c... !

  • Clive L.
    07/19/2017 17:24

    So much for liberal tolerance.

  • Corey W.
    07/19/2017 17:22

    One cannot be a bigger imbecile. It is not your gender but willingness regardless of facts to push the presidents debunked talking points and so-called alternative facts. Do not attempt to play the gender card. 😏

  • Sue H.
    07/19/2017 17:13

    Sorry, Conwartiest. When you lie to cover for the would be dictator in the O. Offc, you make yourself an easy target for our scorn n rancor.

  • Nina R.
    07/19/2017 17:07

    Your boss is the biggest offender madam

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