Lawmakers Visit Immigrant Detention Facilities

"There's abuse in these facilities… This is them on their best behavior." This is what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other lawmakers witnessed when they visited the border.

AOC Calls out Abuse at Immigrant Detention Facilities

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was part of a group of lawmakers who decried the conditions inside 2 Texas Customs and Border Patrol detention facilities. She was among the Democratic lawmakers who toured a facility here Monday following reports of squalid conditions for detained migrants at the border, overcrowded facilities and thinly stretched resources. She claimed she saw migrants drinking out of toilets, which a Border Patrol official flatly denied, and that she felt unsafe during the visit.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairman Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) led 21 Democratic lawmakers on a tour of the immigrant detention facilities near El Paso, Texas. Castro released photos and video from inside one of the centers. Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said in an interview that he had no second thoughts about taking and sharing the images after officials had asked the lawmakers on a facility tour to leave their cellphones behind. He posted the images after visiting a station in El Paso.

The visit came as CBP launched an investigation into a private Facebook group reportedly made up of current and former Border Patrol agents. They reportedly joked about migrant deaths and shared lewd photos of Ocasio-Cortez. Created in August 2016, the Facebook group is called “I’m 10-15” and boasts roughly 9,500 members from across the country. (10-15 is Border Patrol code for “aliens in custody.”) The group described itself, in an online introduction, as a forum for “funny” and “serious” discussion about work with the patrol. “Remember you are never alone in this family,” the introduction said.

The Border Patrol Facebook group is the most recent example of some law enforcement employees behaving badly in public and private digital platforms. An investigation by Reveal uncovered hundreds of active-duty and retired law enforcement officers who moved in extremist Facebook circles, including white supremacist and anti-government groups. A team of researchers calling themselves the Plain View Project recently released a substantial database of offensive Facebook posts made by current and ex-law enforcement officers.


07/02/2019 11:05 PMupdated: 07/03/2019 12:47 PM
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  • Katherine A.
    07/02/2019 23:09

    what have we become

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  • Michael S.
    07/02/2019 23:11

    This shit happens in every county jail

  • Jan L.
    07/02/2019 23:12

    One-Term AOC is an idiot.

  • Penelope L.
    07/02/2019 23:13

    Bring the fire!

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    07/02/2019 23:14

    She needs help

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    07/02/2019 23:15

    Trump supporters are bastards

  • Kenny K.
    07/02/2019 23:16

    This is absolutely horrible somebody needs to step up and do something about this how can people treat people like that we're all human

  • Gloria C.
    07/02/2019 23:16

    Make those sob drink the toilet water!!

  • Brut
    07/02/2019 23:20

    The Dept. of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General released new photos of overcrowding at Border Patrol facilities in Texas:

  • Iris W.
    07/02/2019 23:20

    Looks is pretty clean and decent yo me , just another political agenda for the democrats , because they sure didn’t care before now , couldn’t get none of them to check these people when they were told how overloaded it was instead used it against Trump and said he was using a crisis st the border for his agenda , such liars!!!

  • Kester C.
    07/02/2019 23:21

    She never said that she saw people drinking from the toilet

  • Sandra L.
    07/02/2019 23:22

    She is CRAZY😲

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    07/02/2019 23:27

    Hurry up save them. Ship them back to Mexico.

  • John T.
    07/02/2019 23:27

    How many did they take home with them? Just democrats thinking they can fool people with their silly so-called sympathy. They won't say anything good about the situation no matter what.

  • Ana F.
    07/02/2019 23:29

    Several Gov't agencies are brainwashed during their training to believe that humiliating immigrants or minorities is justified. I've had the chance to hear a few veterans and current law enforcement officers opinions on the immigration subject and it's sad to learn their views and justifications.

  • Kaya S.
    07/02/2019 23:30

    I don’t care if you’re left or right if you’re a decent fucking human you should be fucking appalled by this

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    Girl open up your house and take them in

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    Won’t be long for that idiot. She’ll be locked up for kickbacks 😎