• Shawn P.
    01/05/2019 19:32

    Eww don't show that agian

  • Adeel H.
    01/05/2019 19:48

    End of times

  • Jim J.
    01/05/2019 20:54

    So much stupidity, it's even hard to feel sympathetic.

  • Guidito C.
    01/05/2019 21:05

    Let men want to imitate women, it's wrong

  • Рената Р.
    01/05/2019 21:07

    Naw i see face Trump😂

  • Christopher J.
    01/05/2019 21:17

    This makes me wish trump was a dictator.

  • Taylor A.
    01/05/2019 21:27

    Werk honey 💜💜

  • Michael M.
    01/05/2019 21:29


  • Ayoub E.
    01/05/2019 21:36

    Twerk for social justice ? Did I read it right ? But seriously how the fuck is this shit gonna help, fucking faggots

  • Amina N.
    01/05/2019 21:37

    Ugly person inside and out

  • Omar F.
    01/05/2019 21:39

    I don't care what this about but I can never unseen that 🙈please ask Kim Jong-un to nuce us and let us all rest in peace😂

  • Retha D.
    01/05/2019 22:36

    Thus guy is screaming to be relevant. Sad.

  • Charles B.
    01/05/2019 22:51

    Ahhhhhh!!!! My eyes!!!!😳🤬

  • Alex E.
    01/05/2019 23:27


  • Will W.
    01/05/2019 23:40

    Remember that monster that fought Hulk? Abomination was it?.... Yea not nearly as bad, as the Thing in the video!

  • Steven R.
    01/06/2019 00:03

    please may a building fall on this mf

  • Mona G.
    01/06/2019 01:01

    Digusting obnoxious and down right ugly. Stop1

  • Larry N.
    01/06/2019 01:04

    Maybe he should twerk his way across Saudi Arabia or Iran.. you know to discover where and who it is that is really anti gay. He should also ask all the elites that claim ''Walls don't work'' why they ALL have walls around their mansions.. to include Nancy Pelosi, Chuck U Schumer, Obama and Mad Maxine Waters.. just to name a few.. and when people die in the '' custody of a hospital'' where the doctors and nurses are trying to heal the sick.. does he also blame the hospitals because some don't make it and they die there.. or as he says.. ''in their custody"? This is probably the most brain dead and mindless, intellectually lazy post that Brut has posted so far.. and that's saying something.

  • Cepi O.
    01/06/2019 01:10

    Raul Grijalva and we love u

  • Bryan M.
    01/06/2019 01:15