Liberty University's students giving back their diplomas

The president of Liberty University's continuing support for President Trump is leading some graduates to give back their diplomas.

08/21/2017 7:30 PM


  • Sirwonner P.
    08/28/2017 11:41

    Lies all lies

  • Amanda Q.
    08/22/2017 21:46

    Don't give your diplomas back kids! You worked way too hard for them! You can protest this man in other ways besides giving up something you earned!!❤️

  • Kaharie R.
    08/22/2017 18:48

    Its scary to think someone so ignorant is in education.

  • Tyler V.
    08/22/2017 18:45

    Typical Christian con man! The Christian right has always thrown their lot in with racists,anti intellectuals, and homophobes - among others.

  • Miguel J.
    08/22/2017 18:26

    All I see is ignorant and racist white people everywhere 🙈

  • Noe M.
    08/22/2017 18:14

    Punk bitch

  • Arbie V.
    08/22/2017 18:07

    Thomas Craterfield Ha, can't think of anything smart to say, huh! Well, better luck next time you POS!

  • Arbie V.
    08/22/2017 18:05

    Tom Wagner, only you would know and O"Lo D-Rod , such a waste of human's breath. EEUU!

  • Cynthia Q.
    08/22/2017 17:58


  • Calvin T.
    08/22/2017 17:55

    Will they hand back their jobs in which that diloma played a part in?

  • Israel W.
    08/22/2017 17:48

    Now we see whose at the top of these institutions smh.

  • Mike W.
    08/22/2017 17:45

    look at ur alma mater bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ignacio d.
    08/22/2017 17:39

    But he never addressed the kkk as a terrorist group?

  • Helen W.
    08/22/2017 17:39

    Who cares? Let them re pay for college someplace else. Their mental problem

  • Adam E.
    08/22/2017 17:24

    Substance? What fuckin substance

  • Jared L.
    08/22/2017 17:22

    Stacie Cole you better not return anything

  • Matt N.
    08/22/2017 16:16

    Nothing better than a religious university that supports a guy thats been divorced 3 times and brags about groping other married woman by their vaginas! Really its all to perfect keep it up god is so proud of yall

  • MiKe L.
    08/22/2017 16:07

    Cool hes racist too so atleast he makes it clear vouching for trump is the move.

  • Michael H.
    08/22/2017 15:30

    Why would this guy even care? Its not like he doesn't already have you're money or anything.

  • Jimmy B.
    08/22/2017 15:21

    Like father like son. I am so proud to be able to not call myself a Christian any longer.

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