Liberty University's students giving back their diplomas

The president of Liberty University's continuing support for President Trump is leading some graduates to give back their diplomas.

08/21/2017 7:30 PM
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  • Jim L.
    08/21/2017 19:45

    It's ok..return them...pretty sure they didn't earn them anyway...just great more unemployable liberals...

  • Gavin T.
    08/21/2017 19:51

    "He doesn't say what's politically correct he says what's in his heart. Yeah sometimes that gets him in trouble" If anyone should stick to political correctness it's the god damn president. It gots him in trouble because it's usually the wrong thing to say. No matter who you are.

  • Jordyn W.
    08/21/2017 19:53

    They dont hand out degrees to people who didn't earn em. Trump is shitty just accept it. He might not be racist but he's supporting someone who is thats enough for me to give my degree back

  • Aj N.
    08/21/2017 19:58

    I wish I had $40,000+ and 4+ years of my life to just throw away to just give back a diploma

  • Droseph M.
    08/21/2017 20:00

    People defending Trump on this post probably don't have a highschool diploma 😂😂😂

  • Pulkit S.
    08/21/2017 20:02

    What do you expect from white fascists?

  • Geraldine L.
    08/21/2017 20:05

    Thank you for speaking out. It's about time the Church spoke up.

  • Emmanuel D.
    08/21/2017 20:07

    I we should try to see things from different perspective. Maybe he is right in his own thinking.

  • Jack C.
    08/21/2017 20:13

    Not one racist bone, huh? 🤣

  • Dante A.
    08/21/2017 20:22

    You sound just as much of a total idiot just like these guys defending the clown 🤡 in the White House with their idiotic comments. @jim lackowski

  • Tina W.
    08/21/2017 20:30

    I wouldn't give my degree back for shit they earned it and they don't just give them out dumb ass!!!

  • James R.
    08/21/2017 20:33

    A lot of people support the protest people get over it you have a shity president and a matter what you try to post on anything the people will always have your dislike Trump or support the people who dislike Trump

  • Kat T.
    08/21/2017 20:37

    I would like to see all these protestors rounded up and put on an island to themselves and see how well they survive.

  • Arbie V.
    08/21/2017 20:44

    It is my opinion, that Falwell is totally correct in what he said. I personally don't think what Trump says gets him in trouble, whatever he says the liberals will twist it good or bad. And I can't understand students in College can be so obtuse in their thinking, you are supposed to get smarter in College, not dumber. Shame on your remarks toward Falwell.

  • Miguel R.
    08/21/2017 21:02

    Is it just me or did the whitehouse completely sweep the helicopter crash under the rug

  • Matthew S.
    08/21/2017 21:03

    Okay good job wasting your time and money returning your diplomas. Idiots man

  • Rory C.
    08/21/2017 21:03

    Ya give back your diplomas that will show em. 2 years later... So what skills do you have that will contribute to the McDonald's family?

  • Tom M.
    08/21/2017 21:10

    Like father like son.just lazy bastards living off of hard or hardly working people.POS

  • Nity M.
    08/21/2017 21:14

    Giving their diplomas back does not nullify them AT ALL. People are really ridiculous right now😂 They are giving them back in a way of saying fuck you. The president of the United States is an imbecile. Accept it and move on, like you trumpsters say!

  • Sam S.
    08/21/2017 21:22

    Apparently being Jerry Falwell's son wasn't enough of a red flag already.