Life After Roe V. Wade

Abortions may be legal in the U.S., but many states have found ways to limit access to the procedure. Here are the least — and most — challenging places for American women to get an abortion.

03/16/2019 10:21 AM


  • Colleen C.
    03/31/2019 23:10

    Limiting abortion does not stop puts women and girls in danger....

  • Colleen C.
    03/31/2019 23:09

    Only god can judge...and only god can save anyone...not you...

  • Colleen C.
    03/31/2019 23:08

    The choice i make is mine...not yours. Straight up. I dont presume to tell you what to do ....

  • Raul R.
    03/31/2019 03:27

    anortion=legal murder

  • Angela L.
    03/31/2019 03:02

    Why would anyone want to have a abortion enless its heath wise but people get preg sleeping around have abortions is it fair to the unborn child no its not and i think s father has a right to have a say bc if a father doesnt want the child and the mother still has it he has to take care of it til age 18 to not have a abourtion after 6 weeks is perfect has anyone watched a video how they break baby bone suck it out wtf how can a person live knowing that so at 6 weeks or less it doest have legs arms babys born at 23 weeks lives and r healthy so if anyone thinks thats ok its not

  • Alexus W.
    03/30/2019 14:43

    Only way i see this happening is if a women was raped or if it involved incest. But if this is just an “accident” then oh no that’s not good enough reason. I think it depends on the situation and the person.

  • Yvie G.
    03/30/2019 01:22

    I know lots of women who get very sick

  • Yvie G.
    03/30/2019 01:21

    Please go see unplanned

  • Snow S.
    03/29/2019 20:03

    "Its a baby." Until it can survive without the host, its a parasite.

  • Ferdinanda B.
    03/29/2019 02:56

    Close your fkn legs if you don’t want a baby you dumb fkrs.

  • Melinda C.
    03/28/2019 16:52

    I'm tired of all this "womans right to choose". What about the man? It's his baby too. Why does he not have a choice? If Mom decides to abort, but he wants the baby, he doesn't have any say. If Mom chooses to keep baby, but he doesn't want one, too bad he has to pay child support anyway.

  • Jeanette P.
    03/28/2019 06:09


  • Nancy U.
    03/27/2019 22:57


  • Brandi A.
    03/27/2019 00:37

    Bodily autonomy. No one gets to tell a person of sound mind what to do with their own body. If you can’t force prisoners to donate organs then what makes you think you can force a woman to be pregnant against her will?

  • Margiree B.
    03/26/2019 22:36

    Abortion is murder.

  • Courtney L.
    03/26/2019 22:27

    100% of abortions are justified. Even if a woman just doesn’t want to be a mother. People who are married have abortions because they don’t want kids. Birth control fails. Even multiple types.

  • Di H.
    03/26/2019 22:16

    Abortion is murder point blank. There are millions of abortions performed every year out of convenience because the "mother" isn't ready. Well there are many forms of bc, the Plan B for accidents or cases of rape. It's purely not taking responsibility for spreading your legs. Pregnancy is the #1 risk of having sex. If you dont want to assume that risk, don't have sex. A life should not be ended because of your irresponsibility!

  • Monica G.
    03/26/2019 01:39

    I understand the woman that have to have abortions due to medical reasons, or or getting pregnant due to a rape, but abortion shouldn't be for woman who say " oh I'm just not ready." Or " I don't want a baby right now." If you are having sex you are old enough to know that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy, get on birth control or use condoms, spermicide lube, take plan-B. Don't wait until you find out you are pregnant to decide "Hey I don't want a baby let me get rid of it real quick." If you know for sure that you can not mentally or financially take care of a child then take steps to prevent a pregnancy before you decide to kill a baby, because you as an adult can't protect yourself properly by having some form of contraceptive.

  • Amanda M.
    03/26/2019 00:29

    I'm on the fence with this. I'm against abortion for myself. I would never abort a child no matter the situation. If I met a woman who was thinking of abortion I would adopt without second thinking. I love children.! However if a mother is at risk and her health is in jeopardy then an abortion is justified. I would not judge a woman for the choices they make. But I will help that woman if her reason for an abortion is not wanting the child. If any woman does not want their child I would probably beg her to have that child and allow me to adopt him or her. Regardless of physical or mental delays or even disabilities found during pregnancy. I'd love for any mama to give me the honor of raising their child.

  • Danarose M.
    03/24/2019 12:30

    I don't agree with abortion TBH. We don't like see news of kids being murdered. What makes abortion any different? You're literally tearing the baby limb by limb. If you ain't ready for kids or want kids don't get pregnant then. There's so many ways to prevent from getting pregnant. I'm sure there's also a pill that's called plan b. You take it within 48 hrs of unprotected sex that'll help make sure you don't get pregnant. I even saw a commercial about it. Also there's people out there who want kids that cannot have kids. I had health issues during pregnancy. It could've cost my life or my baby's or worse both of us but that didn't mean to kill my baby. Sex was originally meant for having kids. If abortion is gonna be legal then might as well let murder be legal then. Abortion is basically ending someone's life. Also there are risk of getting abortion. Infection and risk bleeding out.

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