Looking back at the Jonestown Massacre

⚠️ Warning: distressing images ⚠️ 42 years ago, more than 900 cult members died after drinking poison in a historic mass-murder suicide. This was the Jonestown Massacre.

11/18/2020 9:04 PM


  • Karl M.
    6 hours

    Religion is a dangerous weapon.

  • Ryan A.
    7 hours

    If trump could have done this he would have and his followers would have never notice the plot on their death!!

  • Antonio L.
    8 hours

    Truth is that it was a CIA MK-ULTRA experiment camp that was exposed by a US politician who was murdered in the camp when leaving. UK special forces hunted the victim's when they escaped into the forest

  • Tim T.
    9 hours

    We can only hope that trump takes his supporters to this fate!

  • Sayantan S.
    13 hours


  • Adiy A.
    13 hours

    coba cari film nya

  • Chris M.
    15 hours

    This is sad, very sad.

  • Tenshi G.
    16 hours

    Tsk kya ingat sa false phropit just pray ur owned beliefs no one can saved our spiritual salvation except our self faith to God

  • Mary A.
    18 hours

    sana mamatay na rin ang gumawa ng nito sa diyos kau maniwala wag sa kampon ng demonyo

  • Cathy C.
    18 hours

    This happened in my homeland. My dad was in the military and had to go in survey the scene. Not surprisingly he said it was horrific, smell and all.

  • Zenaida L.
    18 hours


  • Stephanie J.
    19 hours


  • Ca R.
    20 hours

    Tq Ai Ai Dales👍

  • Bradley M.
    21 hours

    Tax blasphemous religious institutions or ban them. Close the tax exemption NPO NGO loophole. There's only one God the creator who made all mankind and he doesn't need a building or your money.

  • Mor L.
    a day

    Its more brut in the Philippines. Dummy filipinos elected two brainless terrorist presidente which ruined Philippines. Now philippines is just a 3rd world country instead of being the 2nd richest country next to japan.

  • EJ Y.
    a day

    Oh no..maraming namatay.

  • El I.
    a day


  • El I.
    a day


  • Jorge P.
    a day

    Gullible stupid people🤷🏼‍♂️ what do you expect

  • Arjun B.
    a day


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