Marianne Williamson on the Dark Force of Trumpism

Explaining the “dark psychic force” of Trumpism and the math on reparations for slavery in America were just two breakout moments Marianne WIlliamson had in the second round of Democratic debates.

2020 contender & Author

She was born in Houston, Texas in 1952. Her father was an immigration lawyer. She studied theater and philosophy at Pomona College in California. At 21, she dropped out of college and moved to New York City to become a cabaret singer. After reading the 1976 self-help book “A Course in Miracles” she returned to Houston and opened up a coffeeshop, that was also a metaphysical bookstore.

At 31, she moved to Los Angeles and began regularly lecturing on spirituality and enlightenment. She amassed a huge following that included celebrities like Cher, Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Michael Jackson, Bette Midler, and Oprah Winfrey. She’s written 12 books, including the New York Times bestseller “A Return to Love.” At 39, she officiated the wedding of actress Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky. She’s formed several charities and activist groups including the Peace Alliance, and shelters for people with HIV/AIDS. At 62, she ran for Congress in California’s 33rd district.

“There is a cancer that is eating our democracy. There’s an issue that is underlying all these other issues, and that is the issue of money in politics. The idea here is that just as individuals move through developmental stages, so do countries because all that a collective is a group of individuals. So, Mr. President, if you're listening, I want you to hear me please. You have harnessed fear for political purposes and only love can cast that out. So I, sir, I have a feeling you know what you're doing. I'm going to harness love for political purposes. I will meet you on that field, and sir, love will win. It is time for us to rise up. It is time for us to rise up the way other generations have risen up. And it goes without saying, that’s why I’m running for president,” Marianne Williamson disowned the current administration. Marianne WIlliamson at the July 2019 Round of debates spoke about the “dark psychic force” President Trump brings to America During the 2nd round of Democratic debates. Williamson then argued that if the 40 acres and a mule that had been promised to freed slaves was adjusted into modern day money, it would amount to roughly the sum she set forth.


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  • Kevin L.
    07/31/2019 05:27

    You are watching cnn right now

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    07/31/2019 05:33

    I like her accent.

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    07/31/2019 05:41

    Tell it, sister.

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  • Jessie B.
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    07/31/2019 05:41

    Who is she?

  • Sandee P.
    07/31/2019 05:42

    So anybody think she rehearsed that, raise your hand

  • Alex G.
    07/31/2019 06:12

    She is getting coverage tho. She might say it as if shes a hippie, but hey look how trump says things at least shes right.

  • Abraham Y.
    07/31/2019 06:38

    Williamson has failed to see dark psychic forces behind Omar, Rashida and Cummings. They are the real racists and Trump has attacked their racism and for this he's called a racist. Buttigieg is insane to advise the Republicans. Of all presidents, Trump alone has got the courage to stand up to the challenges and threats of Muslim Brotherhood activists, anti-fa rogues, leftists, racists and extremists. Racists and Islamists like Omar and Rashida are openly challenging American tradition and values. House Democrats are wasting taxpayers money and precious time by chasing the fake shadow of Russian collusion. Only Trump can save America and Americans at this crucial hour.

  • Rafid S.
    07/31/2019 07:35

    *People of a color* I'm white it is a color too, isn't it.?! 🤣

  • Joe B.
    07/31/2019 08:56

    williamson dropping some knowledge!

  • Nita B.
    07/31/2019 11:32

    $$$ won't fix the problem. Loving one another will. IMO-we ALL came from the same Creator therefore we should ALL be treated equal.

  • Sherry W.
    07/31/2019 11:40

    fck this whyte crystal gazn elitist 🖕🏽

  • Chris V.
    07/31/2019 11:44

    Ohhhhhhhhhbb spooky! Ha ha ha so stupid! People who take this woman seriously should have their head examined!!!

  • George W.
    07/31/2019 12:04

    she’s talking to you

  • Bob B.
    07/31/2019 12:37

    Good moment in her final debate. She is done.

  • Pat B.
    07/31/2019 12:55

    and her comments about Flint were spot on

  • Kathleen O.
    07/31/2019 12:57

    This woman will NEVER be elected. GO HOME

  • Joe S.
    07/31/2019 13:09

    Whats with all the demoncrats and their crazy Manson eyes?