Mass shooting in a Colorado grocery store

A gunman opened fire in a grocery store, killing ten people, in Colorado — a state with a history of horrific gun attacks. Here's what we know so far ... Warning: Distressing images.

03/23/2021 1:18 PMupdated: 03/23/2021 1:23 PM


  • Rifat S.
    04/18/2021 15:21

    Senseless crime

  • Delilah A.
    04/06/2021 13:42

    he told someone else “We need 911 here now!” instead of calling 911 himself... that infuriates me You hear gun shots and your first instinct is to start filming?

  • Naseeb U.
    03/28/2021 14:42

    he is not a Muslim so he will be not declare as a terrorist...

  • Naseeb U.
    03/28/2021 14:40

    very sad and painful condolence with families...

  • Amrta D.
    03/28/2021 11:04

    Why u hide identity of shooter being a muslin ? He is a jihadist.

  • Muhammed S.
    03/28/2021 00:50

    It is our ignrent mindset that USA is safe. As they always have killed innocents now nature is giving them reply in this way. USA should make strict gun laws to save innocents. PS and we believe Pakistan/india is unsafe

  • Mahibur R.
    03/27/2021 08:03

    Christian terrorist. Jews terrorist have done this.

  • Latoya G.
    03/27/2021 04:53

    So what you all are telling me is a gunman shot and killed people, including a police officer and he is not dead, how, I’ll wait for an answer.

  • Leslie F.
    03/26/2021 19:48

    God save America 🇺🇸 from the paralysed Congress and Senate elected representatives who don't care

  • Malik O.
    03/26/2021 16:45

    This is sad to see news like that terrorist are everywhere we have to keep eye on things near us god save all the world from animals like that

  • Shaikh R.
    03/26/2021 15:49

    Keep it simple, Terrorist killed innocent people and got into custody for justice.

  • Farhan A.
    03/26/2021 14:32

    dnt call him shooter he is terrorist why u fucking call him suspect why dnt u call him terrorist? double standard media

  • Molly M.
    03/25/2021 23:05

    So very sad for each victim and their families! Our hearts and prayers are with you. May the love of God surround you and give you peace during this very difficult time. A special thanks to the officer’s family our prayers are with you.

  • Mangesh A.
    03/25/2021 20:58

    And you say US is more secured than India

  • Vincent M.
    03/25/2021 19:26

    FBI failed in there job. The man is on terrorist watch list.

  • Rizwan B.
    03/25/2021 16:36

    hypocrisy of media word "terrorist" for a Muslim & gunman for others

  • Azam P.
    03/25/2021 16:24

    Sale of arms should be banned

  • Rekha K.
    03/25/2021 16:04

    Sad. Every year, many such events in the west. I would rather live in a developing country like ours, than live in a developed country like theirs which has crazy people who do mass shootings in malls, spas and schools, just because they’re having a tough day and have a bad mood.

  • Ayekpam M.
    03/25/2021 15:54

    How is this such a common thing in America

  • Mbi M.
    03/25/2021 14:06

    Terrorism is the the only AREA where WHITE PEOPLE do the most yet don't get enough credit 😕 Sad.....😞

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