Maxine Waters acceptance speech

“I’m simply a strong black woman.” Maxine Waters gave a powerful speech while accepting her Black Girls Rock! award—and confirms that she will always be reclaiming her time!

08/25/2017 12:00 AM


  • Jean D.
    01/01/2018 00:21


  • Soundra G.
    12/30/2017 07:05

    A strong black woman

  • Beverly R.
    12/29/2017 23:34


  • Emily W.
    12/28/2017 16:32

    I love this lady

  • Eilleen B.
    12/28/2017 05:07

    . .

  • Karen G.
    12/28/2017 00:43

    Me too!

  • Melvera W.
    12/28/2017 00:20

    Reclaiming my time

  • Vickey K.
    12/27/2017 20:24

    Good job Maxine....

  • Marion D.
    12/27/2017 18:42

    Yes and it was Black women who came out in droves to make sure that Roy Moore was not elected

  • Sharon D.
    12/27/2017 17:35

    "If you come for you, I'll come for you!"

  • Sharon D.
    12/27/2017 15:30

    Love her and her attitude.

  • Juanita L.
    12/17/2017 17:37

    Auntie Maxine is the strong black woman that old 45 wants to shut up not Maxine Waters he won't you go Maxine Waters we are behind you 100 percent

  • Stratotes P.
    12/13/2017 03:05

    Do your research she's a proprietor of the caliphate and they want to reinstate Sharia law which means women sit in the corner with their nose in the corner and don't move or speak until they are addressed by their man that's what she supports do your fucking research

  • Stratotes P.
    12/13/2017 03:03

    Hey there's nothing wrong with a white man who has Jungle Fever.

  • Tiffany G.
    09/26/2017 13:48

    Sisters Assemble

  • Scott B.
    09/19/2017 04:13

    Maxine is the best the Left has, and it's going to be glorious watching the Left lose more elections in 2018! Thanks Maxine

  • Scott B.
    09/19/2017 04:11

    Yuck cover that shoulder. Trying to keep food down over here! 🤢

  • Christina S.
    09/17/2017 16:19

    That's right stand up black girls Rock, black power strong black woman. I love this lady she speaks her mind.

  • Akiba J.
    09/16/2017 20:13

    This gave me SO much LIFE!

  • Sarah Y.
    09/14/2017 23:19

    Thank you 46!

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