Mayor wants to tear down Confederate monuments

Kentucky Mayor wants to tear down 2 Confederate monuments in the wake of the Charlotteville protests. But FYI: there are at least 700 Confederate monuments in the US.

08/14/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Ricky S.
    08/14/2017 20:20

    take down all monuments mlk washington lincoln ww1 ww2 that way we can be a nation who beleives in nothing

  • Andrew R.
    08/14/2017 20:26

    Statues and monuments don't tell history themselves. History is going nowhere when these pieces of rubble disappear. Tear them down.

  • Nancy R.
    08/14/2017 20:45


  • Silvia P.
    08/14/2017 20:56

    yeah hell yeah the bigotry, racism, hatred have to removed it!!!!! No more statues bye bye bye.......

  • Sherene S.
    08/14/2017 20:56

    Does anyone know what was in the time capsule of the last statue they removed?

  • Sandy W.
    08/14/2017 21:08

    Get rid of them. They are nothing to be proud of. The war was lost and they just spew hate.

  • Breeanna R.
    08/14/2017 21:13

    So.. after Obama was elected, there were about 24 (ish) confederate sates erected...hmmm? That's a weird coincidence.

  • Jeb R.
    08/14/2017 21:17

    Tear them all down put them in a hatred Museum so people can still learn but they do not need to be in the streets we shouldn't celebrate traitors

  • Hannah Z.
    08/14/2017 22:07

    Allegra Guerrettaz

  • Mary W.
    08/14/2017 22:34

    Take them all down!

  • David S.
    08/14/2017 22:37

    Move them to cemeteries so the ideology of the past can be put to rest.

  • James F.
    08/14/2017 22:45

    Washington owned slaves tear down the monument oh and Lincoln's too he said if he could bring the states back without freeing the slaves he would

  • Joseph C.
    08/14/2017 22:51

    In the words of Indiana Jones "They belong in a museum!"

  • Jo L.
    08/14/2017 23:00

    The mayor thinks by taking down monuments are going to solve the problem, he is just daft.

  • SamDeb C.
    08/14/2017 23:07

    When they finish taking them down, they will declare the American Flag Racist and go after it.

  • Magtibay J.
    08/14/2017 23:08

    Good; tear down all those participation trophies; no one looks up to loser traitors except other loser traitors anyway.

  • Racey A.
    08/14/2017 23:12

    Kate Alexander - pretty proud of ky right now

  • Julian A.
    08/14/2017 23:13

    Take it down...

  • Keith C.
    08/14/2017 23:20

    Tear em all down.

  • Tallulah A.
    08/14/2017 23:26

    Take them down and put them in museums!! Wasn't right when they was erected in the 60s!!