Mayor wants to tear down Confederate monuments

Kentucky Mayor wants to tear down 2 Confederate monuments in the wake of the Charlotteville protests. But FYI: there are at least 700 Confederate monuments in the US.

08/14/2017 12:00 AM


  • Emily D.
    08/16/2017 21:40

    Christina Bourne Hart How is taking them down moving them to a museum harmful to any of us? getting ride of the confederate flag would help all of us. Yes it is part of our history and no one is for getting the civil war. They should have never been put up in the first place they tried to brake off of America and lost, they were American enemies. It is ridiculous that I have to explain that they were American enemies.

  • John W.
    08/16/2017 15:31

    Take down all the civil war monuments and while your at it burn all the confederate flags. My family fought on the side of the South, we lost, let it go and move on!! We do not want another Civil War in this country!!!

  • Ian S.
    08/16/2017 00:56

    Yes they were following orders to support slavery. They are also traitors to our nation for said slavery. The only reason they are not considered traitors is because they were pardoned. I have no issue with them being in a museum but by having them in places like court houses and other governmental buildings is meant to promote reverence. That is where I feel the statues are wrong. Now I do agree what they did was wrong and should he held to account for the illegal act, but I get why they did it. History belongs in a museum and not as a publicl display piece.

  • Denees M.
    08/16/2017 00:08

    Here's my view on the subject: If a statue was put up during the 50's or 60's, I view it as an obvious middle finger to the civil rights movement, and am completely fine with removing it. If it was put up before that, an argument can be made for it having historical value. Historical, as in an artifact of a history that needs to be remembered. If it's in a prominent location like in front of a State House, I'm completely fine with moving it somewhere else. Like a cemetery, or small park. And if it is in a battlefield, then the statues shouldn't be messed with.

  • Logan T.
    08/15/2017 22:45

    Shane Waters

  • Rafael G.
    08/15/2017 21:32

    Good, one by one they all can come down.

  • Clayton F.
    08/15/2017 20:50

    It is weird that all this apparently needs to happen. I mean, the Confederacy had nothing to do with slavery. Neither did the Civil War. Lincoln only wrote the Emancipation Proclamation because the Union soldiers were losing faith in the cause of unifying the nation and he needed something to keep the push going. The Confederates seceded because they disagreed with the way the United States was and was run and they wanted to set up rules that fit them better. True, the whole secession part of it was treason, but the idea was the very same we had when we left Britian in the first place. There were plenty in the Union that owned slaves, plenty in the Confederacy that did not. Some "owned slaves," but treated them well and the people actually chose to stay after being given freedom. Yeah, the slavery was wrong, but it was hardly the point of the Confederacy or Civil War. These white supremacists and neo Nazis are using the Confederate flag as a symbol of something for which it does not stand. In the end, taking down these statues only promotes their cause among those like them and gives them the attention they want. Until people recognize that the white supremacists are misusing the symbol, the wrong battles will keep being fought. You are fighting the wrong fights and you will never win until you realize that. You have to know the enemy. "There are battles which must not be fought, locations which must not be besieged..." -Sun Tzu " If you know yourself and know your enemy, you will be victorious in every battle. If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat..." -Sun Tzu

  • Eric S.
    08/15/2017 19:21

    Do it for free. Make a label of all their monuments and break them all

  • Jessica B.
    08/15/2017 19:15

    In the full video, Mayor Jim Gray states that the monuments will be relocated to a park where their historical context will be further explained. His reasoning for removing them from their current site, Cheapside, is because that was historically a plaza where slaves were auctioned. So no, they're not destroying the monuments, just removing them from harrowed ground and putting them in a place amongst other monuments that will better explain the history.

  • Jackie H.
    08/15/2017 18:49

    These monuments belong in museums, in the civil war section, not on the streets like some kind of heroes who shouldn't be forgotten.

  • Zachary M.
    08/15/2017 18:47

    Tear them all down !

  • Larry W.
    08/15/2017 18:44

    Love how these racists want to compare MLK to racist confederate monuments.... Dont see the comparison...maybe if you weren't so racist they wouldn't be coming down...never should of been built in the 1st place. They are a insult and total disrespect to ppl of color

  • Larry W.
    08/15/2017 18:42

    Great take them down they dont represent us or America

  • Brendan T.
    08/15/2017 18:24

    Relocate them to the bottom of a latrine.

  • Josh D.
    08/15/2017 18:13

    The confedercay fought for independence

  • Nick U.
    08/15/2017 17:54

    Put them in museums where they belong with the rest of our country's problematic history. Never forget, but don't wave it around with pride.

  • Arturo G.
    08/15/2017 17:54

    They belong in museums not public land.

  • Rebekah H.
    08/15/2017 17:54

    I noticed when they showed the map... some of those states weren't even US territories at the time of the civil war (specifically California)... so why do they have confederate monuments?

  • Raider D.
    08/15/2017 17:30

    I say anything confederate...... They were traitors

  • Emily D.
    08/15/2017 17:29

    Why were they aloud to be put up in the first place? what the south did is treason!

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