Mayor wants to tear down Confederate monuments

Kentucky Mayor wants to tear down 2 Confederate monuments in the wake of the Charlotteville protests. But FYI: there are at least 700 Confederate monuments in the US.

08/14/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Ricky S.
    08/14/2017 20:20

    take down all monuments mlk washington lincoln ww1 ww2 that way we can be a nation who beleives in nothing

  • Andrew R.
    08/14/2017 20:26

    Statues and monuments don't tell history themselves. History is going nowhere when these pieces of rubble disappear. Tear them down.

  • Nancy R.
    08/14/2017 20:45


  • Silvia P.
    08/14/2017 20:56

    yeah hell yeah the bigotry, racism, hatred have to removed it!!!!! No more statues bye bye bye.......

  • Sherene S.
    08/14/2017 20:56

    Does anyone know what was in the time capsule of the last statue they removed?

  • Sandy W.
    08/14/2017 21:08

    Get rid of them. They are nothing to be proud of. The war was lost and they just spew hate.

  • Breeanna R.
    08/14/2017 21:13

    So.. after Obama was elected, there were about 24 (ish) confederate sates erected...hmmm? That's a weird coincidence.

  • Jeb R.
    08/14/2017 21:17

    Tear them all down put them in a hatred Museum so people can still learn but they do not need to be in the streets we shouldn't celebrate traitors

  • Mary W.
    08/14/2017 22:34

    Take them all down!

  • David S.
    08/14/2017 22:37

    Move them to cemeteries so the ideology of the past can be put to rest.

  • James F.
    08/14/2017 22:45

    Washington owned slaves tear down the monument oh and Lincoln's too he said if he could bring the states back without freeing the slaves he would

  • Joseph C.
    08/14/2017 22:51

    In the words of Indiana Jones "They belong in a museum!"

  • Jo L.
    08/14/2017 23:00

    The mayor thinks by taking down monuments are going to solve the problem, he is just daft.

  • SamDeb C.
    08/14/2017 23:07

    When they finish taking them down, they will declare the American Flag Racist and go after it.

  • Magtibay J.
    08/14/2017 23:08

    Good; tear down all those participation trophies; no one looks up to loser traitors except other loser traitors anyway.

  • Racey A.
    08/14/2017 23:12

    Kate Alexander - pretty proud of ky right now

  • Julian A.
    08/14/2017 23:13

    Take it down...

  • Keith C.
    08/14/2017 23:20

    Tear em all down.

  • Tallulah A.
    08/14/2017 23:26

    Take them down and put them in museums!! Wasn't right when they was erected in the 60s!!

  • Dawn A.
    08/14/2017 23:29

    I think they should make a museum, and put all the monuments there. That way people that want to enjoy them can, and learn the history of these figures. Whatever monies earned by the museum could be split between tolerance programs and victims funds.